Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drama at the Shops

The girls and I had an experience a couple of weeks ago that I just have to put in here because it was such a cliche, dramatic event it just HAS to be remembered over the years.

We were in Myer and had finished our shopping. The day had been good and we were heading home in good spirits. We walked to the elevator and as usual, the girls fought over who pushed the down button. It was Eadie's turn, so she excitedly pushed it and we stood by the door and waited. When it opened, instead of being able to run in like they usually would, we were forced to stand back and wait for a lady on a motorised bike/chair thingy to back out, and a couple of old ladies direct her out.  Eadie began edging toward the elevator door as they were coming out and I told her to come back like the rest of us. I was busy trying to move the pram out of the way as the motor lady edged back closer and closer to me and Tori who were trying to make way for her. Eadie ignored me and pushed her way through the old ladies and into the elevator.
"Eadie, come here please" I said, trying to get around the motorised thingy and through the old women. But before I made it to the doors, they began to close!
"Eadie! Come out here now!" I began yelling. Seeing the doors closing, Tori began going hysterical, shouting "Eadie! Eadie! No, Eadie!" and as I continued to yell at her, Eadie stood motionless and terrified as the doors closed infront of her. "Mummy! Mummy!" she began yelling as I watched behind that motorised wheel-bike thingy, helpless to get to her! "Eadie!" I shouted along with Tori. The old ladies began pushing the button to open them up but it was too late. Eadie was not coming out and the doors were not opening!

I began going hysterical, while also trying to calm Tori down at the same time.
"Open the door! Someone open the door!" I was actually banging on the door and pushing the button over and over. Tori was screaming the place down and I began to freak out more as I watched the elevator floor numbers go down a level.

Thank goodness a worker came past and I told her what had happened. I was shaking like a leaf and trying not to cry (there were tears in my eyes, I kid you not) and thankfully the girl had a walkie-talking and she called a man on the lower level. After what seemed like a lifetime he said "yep, here she is, I've got her, she's on level two".
I exasperatedly told him her name is Eadie, and "tell her that mummy is coming down and everything is going to be ok". I kept repeating it over and over and I felt like an idiot, but I honestly couldn't control my emotions or what I was saying. I was a shaking mess, and if I didn't have to calm Tori down by stroking her head and repeating "Its ok, Eadie is fine. Let's go down and get her. She's fine", the girl with the walkie-talking would probably have been saying that to me.

FINALLY the elevator doors opened and we got in. It was the longest elevator ride of my life down that one level, and I rushed out as fast as I could and over to my little girl, who was being very brave as she stood facing the wall with her head lowered towards the ground as the man stood beside her. When she saw me she hugged me tight but didn't cry. The man said that when he spoke to her she just walked straight to the wall and stood there. He kept talking to her and it was only when he said her name that she looked up with a look of surprise on her face, but she kept her distance and kept to the wall.

What a brave little girl! I was so proud of her, she didn't break down, she just held strong and waited until I came and got her. As I hugged her and we walked down to the car I could see a different side of her that I had never seen. I had always known that she was independent, but now I see that she is strong and brave. She didn't cry and go hysterical (like her mother and older sister...) and I was actually relieved that she didn't break down and fall into the arms of a stranger who showed her attention. I was very impressed.

Needless to say, every time we go near an elevator, Eadie says "No me go in elevator by-self" and Tori makes sure everyone is standing together as we wait for the doors t open, walk in at the same time, make sure everyone is in, and then push the floor button. And did I mention that every time I say "let's go to the shop" Tori straight away says "not the one where Eadie got stuck in the elevator!". The one time we did go back there it was laugh-out-loud funny to watch their reactions every time we went near the elevator. So cute. I have such caring, gorgeous little girls who really do love eachother and want eachother to be safe and happy. Despite the little, slightly funny stresses, life is good. :-)


  1. I would hate that to happen!!!! What a blessing that the lady came with the walkie talkie. William ran away from me at the shops the other day and I was very calm for about 2 minutes, but was really trying to keep it together after that. With kids you really have to have help and inspiration to work out a plan and ask for help in these scary situations.

  2. You poor thing. How scary! I would have freaked out too. What a brave little girl Eadie is. I just love her. x

  3. wow totally scary moment! it happened to me when i was little and it was SOO SCARY...opposite though...elevator was packed and as all the family got out i got left behind at the back. I froze didn't move until the elevator did all the rounds and back to the floor where mum and dad were waiting for me. I think i was crying? I was a sook ...not Eadie though - my brave little niece! xoxo