Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mood Boards

I have recently been introduced to the world of online Mood Boards, and I am addicted! The website I use is called olioboard and basically you start with a blank canvas and select from thousands of items for your home, everything from mirrors to couches to candles and pillows. It is awesome! And the best part? You can buy these items! Only downfall.... they're an American based company so we can't get most of what they have - unless I want to pay a bucketload for shipping. But at the moment I just love having it as a resource and idea base to throw around different thoughts and bring lots of 'always wanted' things to life. So far I have created a lounge room 'look' that I love, and also put together a collaboration of bedroom ideas that right now I just can't pic between. The good thing about them is that, like my lounge room board, you can create the exact look you want, or, like my bedroom board you can just throw around items and ideas to get the feel or a mood you like.

I think one of the best things about them for me is that I now have a way, finally, to see what style I really like and even want. Over the years I have liked so many different styles that I never knew if there was a set theme or style that suited me. But when I began randomly searching through different pieces of furniture and items for a room to put on the Mood Board, I realised the ones I selected not only matched eachother, but I really did love the look I was creating! It is a nice relief to have something to work towards and refer to if I ever get stuck or feel lost with it all.

I wanted to post them in here so that I have a reference of the look that I like now in 2011 as a 30 year old, and to see in the future if, 1) my style changes over time, and 2) whether I do actually end up with a house that looks somewhat like my boards - I wish! ;-)   Anyway, here they are. Enjoy!

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