Monday, November 7, 2011

All according to plan........

We have done something pretty crazy.
As you know, our house has been up for sale for about 5 weeks now. We had always had a plan to sell it or if it doesn't sell in three months then we would put it up for rent; either way we would move into a rental and decide over the next year what we wanted to do with buying, building, or moving, etc.

Over the past week Juan and I decided it would be a good time to see what the rental market was like so we knew what to expect. Juan had the prerequesite that the house was new or at least close to it, and I had the simple prerequesite of four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms. For all of these requirements it meant the places we were looking at were not as cheap as others. We were making plans to apply for a couple of the houses when all of a sudden a random house appeared online that was just around the corner.

I had a look in it and was shocked that it was exactly like the style of house I had imagined us living in while renting. I knew what I wanted, and this was it. And it was only a year old, so I knew Juan would be happy too. And what's more, as a nice surprise it was $100 less per week than the other houses we were about to apply for! Even better!

So, after going through it and knowing I just had to have it, I took Juan to have a look and he agreed it was too good to let pass by... so we applied for it..... only three hours later we received a phone call.... We got the house!

That's right- we will be moving into a new house in three weeks!! How exciting!

Now all we have to do is sell this house!! Ahh!  :-O

So, we have a couple of options now... We sell it, we rent it out, or if we can't do either of those, we pay for both. Our desire is that is sells, and we do have one card to play, with the lady who has already made an offer. Because of the tight timeframe we are now willing to come down closer to her price, so we will be offering her another price this week. We are really praying that she will accept it so that we wont have to fuss with it all for too long. But if she doesn't and no other offers come in, then we will put it up for rent and hopefully someone very nice and clean will rent it out.

So anyway, that is our news on the home front (literally)! Very exciting times, and I often have to remind myself that we have to start to think about boxes and packing and moving furniture and everything involved with moving house. But one thing is very exciting to me above everything else -  we will have a Christmas tree up this year!! Yay!!! (And of course shopping for new furniture for my new and bigger house... Mwah-ha-haaa!! ;-)

Although the situation sounds nerve-wracking and may even sound foolish, we have honestly felt led throughout the entire process of selling the house. Even simple things like getting the thing we needed was on special that week, have led us to feel 100% that selling out house is the right thing. We still feel that it is, and hence, we are continuing to make plans to continue to move ahead... Whether that means selling or renting it out, either way we know it is time for our growing family to move out and move on. Meanwhile, we're fasting ourselves skinny and praying day and night that selling is the Lord's Will! Until we know more, we'll keep you posted. :-)

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  1. How exciting for you guys! Fingers crossed that everything will work out nicely for you. x