Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011 - New Traditions!

Halloween 2011 was a lot of fun, and we have discovered new fun traditions to do with our friends. This year we were invited to a "Trunk or Treat", an activity where you line up your cars and decorate your boots and the kids go from trunk-to-trunk doing 'trick or treating'. I had no idea what to expect or what to do, but our trunk ended up pretty 'hallowweenish' considering about 5 minutes worth of effort went it to it five minutes before we left the house ;-) Shh! Don't tell anyone!

Needless to say, our girls looked adorable. Tori and Ivy swapped princess dresses for the event and Tori went as a dark haired Cinerella, while Ivy's blonde hair matched perfectly with the pink dress and went as Aurora. They were so cute - check it out:

Meanwhile Eadie and Kenzie were fairies and soo edible!! Eadie was asleep in the car for the first part and naturally, woke up tired and grumpy. She refused to leave Daddy's side, until.....
 Anabel wore the traditional 'first Halloween' costume that all of our girls have worn, and I must say she was the cutest pumpkin there ;-)
Leading up to the night Juan and I had pretty exciting costume plans as well. I was going to be a Fairy Godmother and I was going to force Juan to be a Prince. If Eadie had agreed to be a Mouse we would have had a perfect Cinderella fairytale story... But alas, is was not meant to be.. I wound up sick the night before and also the morning of (no, not pregnant! - thank goodness), and instead of running around getting us all fairy-tailed up, I was contemplating whether I could actually even go. Juan was only too happy to go as himself, so I'm sorry to say that all I did was put a kids bendy headband with little pumpkins stuck on the ends on  my head and tell everyone I was the "Mother of the Pumpkin"... But, we sure did have a great time with the kids anyway! Plans have already been set for another one next year, only this time we are hoping to have it a little later in the evening, and a BBQ and sparklers!! Looking forward to it already!


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