Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ready for Summer!

We went shopping today for new swimmers and the girls love their togs so much they refuse to take them off! We went to a couple of different stores and I gave them the choice of whatever they would like. As I held up different styles I loved watching them look and assess and follow with either "No", or "Yeah..." and then finally a "Yes!" when they finally saw the pair they loved. Even though there were so many swimmers to pick from I think the different styles they chose match their personalities perfectly!

While I was doing the dishes they both said they wanted to "play bubbles" with the soap suds. I said that was fine, as long as they take off their togs so they don't get suds on them. They hesitantly took them off, but no kidding, within five minutes they were all done with the bubbles and asking for the togs to be put back on. That NEVER happens when they play with bubbles!!  So I thought I would put a pic of them all dolled up and ready for the beach! So cute!!

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