Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Big Girl ALERT!!!

Anabel is such a big girl, I almost wonder if I can call her a baby anymore... that is until I change her pooey nappy, clean her dirty face and break my arm carrying her 20lb body around, and I am again reminded that yes, she is still definitely still a BABY.

But at nine months old this 'little' girl is quickly growing, and part of her favorite part of the day is EATING!!

She already picks up food like a toddler, and loves showing us all what she can do with her tiny little hands. Tori has gotten in on the act and loves feeding her with a spoon or breaking up the food for her. It's great for me too, because it leaves me free to get on with other things. Yay!! I can see this 'older sibbling' thing coming in handy already! haha. :-)

She decided one day that she will actually take my advice and give the bottle a go, and to her and my delight she now sits there sucking away on water contentedly. What a relief!! Having said this, she now is not as interested in the breast, so I don't know exactly how much longer I'll be feeding for. Fine with me, I'm ready to stop whenever she is...

Apart from being an awesome eater of everything - EXCEPT pumpkin, which is crazy because I didn't like pumpkin until I was an adult, so that was interesting to notice - she is also saying "Dada" all the time, especially when we drive to get him from the bus-stop at the end of the day, and in the mornings before work. She says "Mama" too, but not as much.. which is sad considering she sees me more than she does him.... Hmm..  :-|  We have also heard her say "nana" for Banana, which the whole family was very excited about.

I also caught her WAVING at Eadie today- Very exciting!! Her little arm was moving up and down in this un-coordinated, random way and I could just tell she was waving as Eadie stood on the other side of the window. I was excited, needless to say!

Her naps are still going well (touch wood!!!). Sometimes she is out for three hours in the morning and then one in the afternoon, and sometimes she is on and off every two hours throughout the whole day. I'm very lucky with her. But unfortunately I can't say the same with babysitting.. not at the gym, nor with family...  The gym now days only gets about 40 mins out of her before they have to come and get me because she wont stop crying (annoying thing is that I will drag myself out of the pool, shower and dress as fast as I can, and by the time I get there she is contently sleeping or eating something! Argh, I can't win!!) Alisha has sat her twice now, but she will only last an hour, tops, before she needs her Mummy fix. It's progress, nevertheless..

Last week was Isabella's 2nd birthday party, held at Lollipop Land, and the kids just loved it. But I think the person who loved it the most was Abuelo, because Anabel actually let him hold her for the first time since she was born-  No kidding!! We don't know why, but Anabel does not like being held (or looked at) by Juan's parents.. it's very strange, as all of the other grand kids, ours especially, just LOVE their Abuelos, especially Abuelito. We know it's been very hard for them to be rejected week after week by Bel, so at the party when she let Abuelo hold her for over an HOUR, I just had to take a pic. It's a little fuzzy, but it's proof that it happened once. Unfortunately last Sunday when we tried again to hand her over, she would have no bar of it to every one's disappointment..  Oh well, at least we have this photo:

I snapped some pics of her eating the other day because it is just so darn cute and well, I'm addicted to her. Enjoy!!

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