Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The New Me!

Happy Happy Happy!! I love my new Do! I am so excited about it and so relieved and -- ahh!- just very happy. :-)
I was so nervous all day, but as soon as I sat down and Denis (the greatest hairdresser ever) came over and felt as excited as I was about the change, I was 100% full of confidence and excitement. He tied it up at the back and then did a huge SNIP - check this out:

I felt so free as soon as it was off!! I actually loved the look he made just with that cut! So I knew I was in completely safe hands and I trusted him without a doubt. With every snip my smile got bigger and bigger, I had never been so excited about a haircut, or much else for that matter! There was no shock or horror, it just felt like I was discovering the new Me.
The whole way through, the hairdresser and I just kept saying to eachother, "this looks great! It feels so natural and looks so good!" I was so happy to see it come together with every snip.
The final product was so exciting. Denis did the most amazing job and I am definitely recommending him and going back again and again. He made it so that I can 'puff' it up on the top if I want more fulness, or I can smooth it sleek for a completely different look.  I'm confident that I can have a few different looks to work with which I actually wasn't even expecting! In a couple of months I am also going to colour it lighter, and everyone in the salon agreed that light auburn brown would be perfect, which is what I have wanted for the past year.

I did it, finally after all these years! I am totally stoked and I can't wait to experiment with my makeup and jewellery and styling to see what looks I can create! Until then, here's some more pics:

Very Happy Pixie Girl!

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  1. so did you sell your hair Rani? You could have got good money for it.