Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree.....

Such an exciting time of year!!! Christmas is here!

And this  year is particularly exciting because we are in a house big enough to put up a Christmas Tree!!! yay! Juan and I bought one our first year of marriage and we haven't been able to put it up for four years straight because of how big it was. I thought I had remembered how large it was, but until we got it out of the box and put it up I didn't realise JUST how huge a tree it is! What were we thinking?! I must have been imaging my mum's tree at the time of purchase and thinking that her tree was normal, because for some reason we bought, seriously, one of the biggest inside house trees I think is on the market.

Nevertheless, we had lots of balls to put on it, and the girls loved helping put all the decorations up one afternoon together. Juan did the traditional 'daddy star' on the top and we stood back and I must say, considering I had gone to almost no effort as far as decorations were concerned, thanks to mum giving me some of her 'filler' balls and beads, the new Montes Christmas Tree looked pretty good. (Looks better at night with the lights on.... (*sigh*) I love twinkle lights..)

I'm looking forward to taking advantage of bargains after Christmas and stocking up on really nice ornaments to fill it over the years. Until then, this is our family tree, and it feels great to have it up again!


Needless to say, those balls on the lower section are now completely removed thanks to my darling little ratbags...

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