Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Take a deep dreath.....

It's official, I am going to CHOP all my hair OFF!!  AHH! So exciting!
I have wanted to do this for like 10 years, and finally I am at a stage where I not only want to do it but I also NEED to do it.
Having babies doesn't just affect your body, it also greatly affects your hair. With the first two my hair fell out for about three months and I thought that was bad, but now with Anabel since I'm breastfeeding, nine months later my hair is STILL falling out (they don't tell you that in the brochure...). It is just awful. But the worst part is that my hair grows so fast that even though I'm still in the middle of this falling out mess, it has already grown back at least an inch all over my head, so I have massive clumps all over my head of inch-long regrowth that just will not look cool. The condition of my hair right now is just awful. There are a few reasons:
First, I have a confession to make... I cut my own hair!! It's true!! I once looked at it and thought "I'll just snip those ends...:" and then the next time I said "I might just trim those ends..." and now days when I think I could do with a haircut I just go to the bathroom and hack away! I'm not exaggerating! No babysitting or money required. I haven't had any bad comments from people yet, but I think thats because I either wear it up, or curled, so no one can tell. So, this is probably one of the reasons why it looks terrible, but I also think the curling has made the ends very dry and split. Then there is the color which I can no longer make light because I have put so many dark browns in. Premature greying sucks. Even if I was to buy a light color for my hair, only the new growth at the top of my head would be affected by the dye. The rest of my hair is just a dark mass of... well, dark! So I am really looking forward to being able to experiment with different colors since the hair on the top of my head is all untouched new growth.

So about a month ago I knew I had to cut it. I had two options: cut it shoulder length, but then I would still be combating the one inch regrowth, or... work WITH the regrowth and cut it ALL one inch! And so, executive decision, I will do it!
Today at 3pm I will be stepping into a well-respected, expensive, and very popular salon to have all my hair cut off by a guy named Denis. I asked around for referrals because I didn't want just anyone to do such a huge thing.. and my friend Anna recommended her guy of five years and I remembered that I ALWAYS see Anna's hair and think it looks awesome, every single time. So I knew I was in competent hands. Having said this, I am so sooo NERVOUS!! I get butterflies every time I think about it or imagine it.
But I am also super excited. I have been told by multiple hairdressers that I have the 'right shape' face for the style, but whether or not the cut will do me any favors is yet to be seen. Part of me is afraid of looking like a boy, but then I figure makeup will help with that, and then another part of me is afraid it will just look... 'fine'. You know, does nothing really for me, but I can get away with it..? I really hope it suits my face, and not just "well, you did it and it will grow out..". So yeah, those are my nervous concerns.. Apart from hoping that I get the cut I am going in for of course! Here, I'll show you a pic of the exact look I am going for (and carrying these pics in there with me):

These pics make me so excited!! I know I'm no Victoria Beckham but she kind of reminds me of my mum when she was about 20, and my mum looks great with a pixie, and I look a lot like my mum, so I'm hoping I can get away with it as well as Victoria Beckham! Oh, and of course it might also be a sign that Vettoria's name is almost the same as hers, and my husband is obsessed with Soccer, like Victoria Beckham's husband! :-D "It's a sign!"
Haha, don't know about that, but time will tell! I'll post a pic as soon as I can! Two hours to go... So... Take one more look at the photo up top cause you wont be seeing that again for a few years! Wish me luck!!

P.S. Juan isn't too excited about it since he is a 'long hair' guy.. so I hope I look hot enough to change his mind!! ;-)

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