Monday, December 12, 2011

We're In!!!

It feels like a lifetime since I wrote just over a month ago! So much has happened.. Where to start?  I guess I'll start with The House.
We are IN! We have moved into the new house and we absolutely LOVE IT. It is big and light and shiny and so spacious; everything we could ever want. Cassandra, Alisha and I began the move by loading Cassandra's parents' ute with tonnes of boxes and anything else our cars could carry.

Did I mention we did all this while looking after SEVEN children under FIVE years old?

That's right baby, Super Mamas!!

Then the next day we hired a truck, and friends and family helped us move everything else into our new place. That same day we went out and bought a couch to go in our living room, and the old couch is now in what I call, the Quiet Room. The other day I told Eadie to take something into the 'lounge room' and she corrected me, saying "no mummy, it's not the lounge room, it's the quiet room". That made me happy. :-)

As for the 'old house' it still has not sold.. I know.. sucks. It's empty and completely cleaned just waiting for the right person to come and claim it. Over the past two and a half weeks we have had about four couples through, and another offer which was too ridiculous to even mention, so we are still waiting. We have once again reduced the price $10,000 which is a lot for such a cheap place. As we are now paying rent and utilities here, as well as in the old house, we really want it sold. We are now even willing to come down to the price that was initially offered in the first week For Sale. Unfortunately that lady is no longer interested in buying it, so we have given up on her. There is another person going through tomorrow, so fingers crossed they like it and make an offer....!!! At this point we really don't want to put it up for rent, it just feels like way too much hassle and not worth the cost. So we will give it til about mid January next year and hope it sells. If not, we will revisit renting and see how we feel.

Meanwhile we are so stoked to be in this house, we just love it. The backyard is totally fenced and the kids can play out there and run and I don't have to worry. Even Anabel loves to sit out there and play with toys on her blanket.  Of course there is still the issue of Eadith being... well, Eadith. Naturally she manages to somehow damage the yard and herself within the first week... first she digs up the garden like a three week old puppy.....
Little Stinker!!

...And then she had to fall off the only thing she could, which is a 80cm drop from the top grassy level to the bottom garden level. We had warned her more than once not to walk along the edge... but Eadie took it upon herself to prove us wrong.. and this was the result:
Poor Bubba...
She is actually not one hundred percent happy with out new house.. She sometimes asks to go back to the "big house" because it is "taller" and "warmer than the white house". When we went back there to clean one day she layed down on the carpet in the lounge and said "Ahh... nice and warm..." referring to the fact that she can't lay down on the tiles in our living area and watch T.V like she used to. They're just too cold for her little body.. Also in the new house she can't climb all over the newly purchased couch, or rest her little feet on the walls, and it takes her twenty steps instead of just two, to get to mummy and daddy's bedroom... can anyone blame her for liking the old house better?

Tori meanwhile raves about her new house and loves how big and clean and "shiny" it is.

Meanwhile I'll take some pics and keep you posted! :-)

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