Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas - Party #2

After the 8am Christmas Eve Breakfast, we said goodbye to the Hunt clan and began preparations for the Montes bunch to arrive. By 1.30pm we were baking and cooking and slicing and chopping delicious foods, hot and cold. I am so fortunate to have married into a family who each bring bucket loads of food, which makes my job as host so much easier! So in the end I made a pavlova which, although half squashed on one side, still looked fabulous even if I do say so myself ;-)  and pork skewers, which are a family favorite.

This year Juan was given a little coal-style BBQ and he was desperate to light it up and see what it could do. So he got to work putting it together and, despite not having any coals, lit a fire using wood and paper, and before long he had a little BBQ burning bright. The only place he could light the flame was around the side of the house next to the laundry which was hilarious in itself, but what happened next was even better.. Juan was so excited to get the skewers on, no one was more disappointed than he when all they did was burn because of all the flames!! Before we knew it half the wooden skewers had literally burned off the ends, and there was black pork, onion and mushrooms everywhere! It was seriously hilarious, I could hardly contain myself. All I could do was just keep clicking the camera as the kids ran into the laundry to watch the spectacle from the safety of the laundry doors!

Do you see the look on Juan's face?? haha, priceless!! :-) But you know what, despite the coal being on the food rather than in the BBQ, it was still edible and even yummy. So even though we will NEVER do that again, Juan's first official BBQ, although not what anyone would call a 'success', was not a total failure... ;-)

So much food; pork, lamb, chicken, toffee apples galore, pavlova, salads, lollies, chips, drinks, drinks drinks (not a good week for me to start my personal 'no softdrink' rule..), and tonnes of summer fruits... yum! 
It was a great Christmas Eve lunch. The girls loved having Los Abuelos in their 'new house' and playing in their backyard with Mark, Kira, Isabella and Lucia. It's so great to see all the cousins get along so well together and enjoy their new gifts. But, once again I'll let the pics do the talking:


Feliz Navidad!

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