Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm gettin' Good..

This happened this morning and I had to enter it in before I forgot..

In the girls' room they have a large blue spotty sac that I made to put all of their bears and soft dolls into. And since I have moved the sac from the toy room into their bedroom, every morning it has been emptied out onto the floor, leaving about 15 bears and dolls scattered everywhere. Over the past couple of weeks it has been obvious to me that Tori is the main culprit over half the time.

So this morning when it happened again, I walked out to the lounge where the two of them were watching T.V.
"Who emptied the toy sac all over the floor again?" I demanded, hands on hips.
Eadie looked away, consumed by her T.V. show. "no me.." she mumbled under her breath.
Tori didn't say anything. Silence from Tori is a dead giveaway that she has done something naughty. Either silence or hiding are her two tactics. I looked down at her.
"Was it you?" I asked. She remained quiet as her little eyes darted around the room trying to escape mine. That was answer enough for me.
"Go in and pick them up right now", I said. Suddenly her shoulders slumped, her head flew back, as her eyes grew large and she moaned, "Argh, how do you know?!"

I desperately tried not to laugh as I replied, "I know everything. Now get in there and clean it" and off she tromped, defeated again.

The incredulous look of surprise on her face when I knew it was her, was absolutely priceless. I am sure it was the look my mum saw countless times as she made us stand in line and she would check which one of us had the 'blue line' in our tongue which indicated who the liar was. I remember checking my tongue in the mirror and asking myself, "How does she know?"

A mother just knows. :-)

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