Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's us! - Before we were 'Us' !!

Last night I was sent this photo from my good friend Kara, who was sorting through some old pics. She came across this one of Juan and I when we went to a 40s theme Ball together one year.  We must have been about 18. I remember that neither of us had dates, so we decided to just go with each other as friends. But I also remember that it was lots of fun.

It makes me laugh to look at this. We were always good friends, but never more than that. One night, maybe a year before this pic I remember we were on a youth activity walking from a camp ground to Natural Arch, an underground cave site. Everyone was spread out along the road, but Juan and I walked together practically the entire way. We were talking about lots of things, and I remember thinking what a nice guy he was and how easy it was to talk to him. My thoughts didn't really go any further than that, as I'm sure we both had crushes on completely different people who's names we now can't even remember.

But one thing is for sure.. I can't wait to tease my girls about the youth in their wards and warn them that they better treat them nicely, because that boy might just be the one who makes all their dreams come true.. ;-)

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