Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our New House

Finally! I took some pics and I have them to show everyone!! I looked around on Christmas Eve day and thought, "The house looks clean, I'll snap some pics while I can!" So here they are, pics of our new house. It makes me laugh how excited people are for us to finally live in a home where we don't have to move the dining table into the lounge room to feed guests. I often get asked, "Are you going to have a house warming party?" which feels kind of weird because it is only a rental property, but still it feels like home, so yes, some time in January I will be having friends over to show off our new 'pad'.

Until then, these pics should suffice! Enjoy!

 I can't wait to get a HUGE table right here. I want one that fits 10 people, so I'm looking at a couple of expandable ones at the moment.

 At the moment we have this little desk in the corner of this space with the laptop and some files on it. It's very handy, but we plan on moving it into the study soon.
 I used to HATE mopping my lino floor in the townhouse (even though it was only the size of this kitchen!), but somehow mopping in this house isn't too much of a burden.... weird! I think it's because it looks so nice when it's all done :-)
 You'll notice there are no frames up on the walls... that's because there are NO holes! I don't know if I think this is great, or frustrating.. Right now I'm planning what to hook up using removable sticker thingys which I hope work as good as they claim... Lots of fun projects coming up I think! Oh, and even though I LOVE the glass on the front door, I have learned the hard way that walking around in underwear is no longer an option!
 I love the view of light spilling into the house at the end of the hall as I walk through the front door.
 I have such big plans for Anabel's  bedroom! I'm thinking tree decals and wooden letters and little frames all in a cute enchanted forest kind of theme. Can't wait to get started!!
 I was so happy with how well Tori and Eadie's beds fit into the space, there is still plenty to spare! Can't wait to add a bit of color here and there, and finally get around to painting that old chest of drawers! But what colour??
At the moment this is our random Toy Room. It holds toys, empty shelves and boxes not yet unpacked. It's kind of a permanent pigsty.. Hence why we have decided to turn it into a study/library. We have so many books packed in boxes that we feel would look better than all this mess. So soon we we will divide these toys up between all the girls, hide them in their built-ins, and I'll get to working on a study!
Yes, we also have a master bedroom with WIR and Ensuite, but as anyone who knows me well will fully understand, there are multiple reasons why I haven't taken a pic to display on the world wide web. Those reasons are scattered haphazardly around the room in a manner than can only be described as a mess. Hey, I may have a new house, but I'm still the same ol' messy me.  ;-)

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  1. looks huge! would be great to have that much space to spread out!