Monday, February 13, 2012

...and shorter..!!!

I finally got my second pixie cut today and decided to go even shorter. I went to a different local hairdresser, and had to wait a week and a half to see her! She cut it slightly different than what I had previous; it is now shorter and more "choppier" looking which I am really liking. I am completely happy with it - and especially the price!! $30 instead of $100 for a trim? .. yes please!  I'll definitely be going back to both Denis and Tina throughout the year as they both do different styles and techniques, but I love them both. I have never said that about a hairdresser before! It's weird that I have found two hairdressers who I am happy to cut my hair this dramatically short, but anytime I got my long hair cut by a hairdresser I was completely disappointed almost every time... How does that work?? 

Anyway, totally loving being a pixie, and the shorter the better if you ask me!! I think I'll keep if for at least the year 2012. Maybe even forever...?? Na, I wouldn't do that to Juan! (not yet anyway) I think he still misses the long hair, even though he now likes to play with it at the back, which is great considering he didn't touch it for the first week after I got it done. lol, so funny! ;-)

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