Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just like a resort....

We recently bought an awesome item that I am super excited about. You will laugh when you read it, as it's quite embarrassing... but since it's the closest to the real thing we can have in our little rented backyard, it's the best we can do.... Brace yourself...

We got a pool! haha :-)

OK, it's a kiddies pool which stands about 35cm high and about 1.5m in diameter. But it's a perfect size for the kids, and it's even big enough for me to get in with Anabel so she can have a splash, which we both love.

Ever since my parents put a pool in their backyard just before I went on the mission, I knew I had to have one when I was older. Every night after work I would come home and swim. I just loved it. And even though we are not in our dream house with an awesome in-ground pool and the sound of splashing filling the summer air, I am close enough with my little kiddie pool as I watch my (usually stark naked) kids romp and play, and as I dip myself in on a hot summers day for a cool refreshing swim dip ...sit. 

And you know what? Even though all I do is sit and splash, just being able to hop out and then lay down wet on a dry towel beside my 'pool', and soak up the sun's rays in my backyard as the kids splash and have a great time... if this is the most we can do right now, then it's pretty close to perfection for me. :-) 

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