Monday, February 13, 2012

Kind of a Commando-Gorilla thing....

So Anabel is off and about everywhere now. She will move herself from one side of the house to the other within about 20 seconds flat, it's quite the fete! I will be doing something in one room and suddenly look down and say "where did Bel go?" and have to walk around looking for her. I have found her in practically every room of the house just playing with anything she can get a hold of. She looks up and me with a cheeky grin and I can't help but grab her and kiss her squelshy cheeks!

Vettoria was walking at nine months and Eadith at 11 months, but I have no doubt that Anabel will not walk until well after her first birthday. Even though she is holding on to furniture and pulling herself up in her bed, her little legs are still wobbly and she is not even attempting to take steps without someone holding both of her hands. But that's ok, it's good to be able to sit her down somewhere and know that she is not going to run off.

Meanwhile, her crawl is the weirdest I have ever seen! I thought it was a 'transitional' movement before she got better at 'normal' crawling, but this seems to be sticking and she has mastered it very well. How can I explain it? She doesn't actually use her knees to help herself along... she uses her foot and hands like of like a baby gorilla, and then the other leg kind of tucks under she uses her foot to drag that leg along. It's sooo funny. But although it looks completely unco, it works well for her and she doesn't look to be changing it any time soon. I tried to get some action shots but it was harder than it looks!

She is speaking more and more and proving to be quite the parrot. She has repeated her name, and says "more" in her cute little "mow" way, and even though she never says "mama"  on command, she whenever she wants my attention she definitely knows how to get it!

From around 5pm every night she begins looking towards the front door and raises her eyebrows and says, "Dada?" until around 6:45pm when he actually does walk in the door. And when she hears the key in that keyhole, nothing can contain her! If she is in my arms she practically jumps out onto the floor kicking and screaming with excitement. And if she is on the floor, she sits there going in circles on her bottom around and around laughing and screaming at the same time, while trying to crawl as fast as she can in his direction. It is soooo cute, and needless to say has become one of Juan's favorite things in the world. :-)

Her sleeping patterns dramatically vary from week to week -- no, make that night to night. At one point I thought she was at last sleeping through the night, only to have teething interrupt our near perfect schedule. And now I feel as though we are back to square one, with her waking up about three times a night between 11 and 5am and it is very quickly driving me bonkers! And not only is she waking up a lot more but sometimes she is not even going to sleep! She will lay down for like 20 minutes and then scream until I go and get her. The other night I just had to sit up with her until 1.30am as she tossed and turned in my arms. Mine! I'm usually the one she settles for, but not this night! It's horribly exhausting and I don't know what it has changed, but it has. She went down to only about three feeds of milk a day, and then all of a sudden she is back up to around six or so. I can't tell exactly what was the reason for the turn, or why she now has trouble settling herself even throughout the day, so I'm still trying to figure out how to make it all go back to 'near perfect'!!  Oh how I miss sleeping through the night...

Ho-hum, so is the life of a mother. And she lets me practically eat her every day with cuddles and squelshy kisses, so I'm sure we're even... hmm.. on second thought..... not!

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