Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where does the time go?

We now have in our family two students... Juan, the forever engineering student who, we are proud to say will be graduating at the end of this year *insert applause and sighs of relief here*, and now Vettoria, first year Kindergarten student at Calvary College C&K Kindergarten *insert applause and sighs of relief here*. 

How exciting! Not only has Vettoria been begging to go to 'big girl school' for at least a year, but I also have been looking forward to the break of one less child for five days a fortnight. So far is has been a great experience for all involved:
1) For Tori, who raves about her days and cannot wait to get back whenever she has a day off.
2) For Eadie, who loves the one on one attention from me, and
3) For Moi, who is just happy that I can now see the light at the end of the child-at-home tunnel, where one day, one day in the not toooo distant future, all of my kids will be at school and I will be able to do whatever I want for six hours, five days a week.. Oh, the thought of it gives me chills..... 

Despite my enthusiasm at being alone in my home for six hours five days a week one day, Tori's first day of kindy brought with it a mixed variety of emotions.. At first I didn't know what I felt. I woke up excited, but as we selected which shirt to put on and as I helped her with her shoes, did her hair and packed her lunchbox, something began to happen... although I was still excited, there was another emotion settling over me....

She was my baby... it was just her and I, day after day, learning and growing together, for two years before Eadith was born. It was Tori who taught me how to be a mother; how to change a nappy, how to sooth, comfort, excite, and make laugh. She was my first smile in the morning, the last at night, and all hours inbetween. She was the one who only needed me. I was her everything. She was my baby... and now she was leaving me to experience her first day in the real world. She was taking the first step away from me, and it was only going to get further and further.

I stood in her classroom with a smile on my face, but small tears in my eyes. As she waved goodbye to me, I saw the small tears in her own eyes and I knew she was feeling the exact thing I was. It was a mixture of excitement for the future, but melancholy for the present. After our long hug, she walked a couple of metres from me, and then turned back around. I waved, and blew her a kiss. She smiled and blew one back, and for a moment we just stood there not wanting to turn around and leave each other. So instead we just blew a few more kisses in between giggles. I then waved one last wave and she turned and ran through the classroom to the outdoor area to join the other kids. 

I was so happy for her. But it was almost like heartbreak watching her go. 
But when I picked her up and heard all about her big day from start to finish, my melancholy was replaced with more excitement at her happiness and it has been one joyous day after another for us all every since.

We pick her up and are greeted with hugs and artwork galore, so much in fact that the recycling bin is getting quite the workout.. (Aw, come on, what else am I supposed to do with it? ;-)  So now I'm back to just being super excited for Eadie to get out of the house next year, followed closely behind by Anabel...  And then the day will be mine!!  Mwah-ha-haaa!! All mine!!!! *insert evil laugh here*

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