Saturday, March 24, 2012


Caught this in the car the other day...

Happy Birthday Anabel!

 We finally got a chance to celebrate Anabel's 1st Birthday on Saturday. We had planned to do it last weekend but poor Bel came down with croop, and we had to cancel. Unfortunately some people weren't able to make the new change of date, so there were a few friends who weren't there, but we still had a great time anyway. The theme was "pretty in pink" and although I had a completely different look in my mind for decorations, the result, I thought, was absolutely fabulous! I was very happy with the cake and cupcakes, which is a huge thing because I was using frosting for the first time ever and had to practice on cupcakes during the week to get it right! I was happy to learn that it was not as hard as I had thought it would be, and I can honesty say I am now a fan of piping, and frosting. Yay! Next I just have to conquer fondant figurines... :-P

Anabel was absolutely adorable in her pretty pink party dress, and the kids all had a great time making party headband, eating junk food, and just running a muck. It was sooo much easier having the party in my own home, having it decorated the night before, and not having to transport cakes and food in the car! I just loved it. 

Even though the day was extremely full on with the party all morning, then voting for our local candidates over lunch, followed by selling sausages at the kindy Bunnings sausage sizzle all afternoon, and THEN feeding the missionaries for dinner, the party was definitely the highlight of the day, and I have the pics prove it. I'll let them do the talking:


Our house is officially SOLD! Very exciting!

The process was long and arduous but it is over and we are grateful and happy with the outcome. It didn't work out the way we had originally planned, as the market has taken a terrible turn in the past few years, but we are aware of how much we have learned in the process and we are better for it. 

We had some great learning experiences throughout the last few months which have really been a blessing to us. We went from practically begging the Lord, to Waiting on him, a process that is life-changing on so many levels.  What a wonderful lesson to learn! I wrote a letter to my parents explaining the process of how we learned to wait on Him rather than wait 'on the house', and I'll paste it in here, as it's detailed and long. But well worth the read. :-) 

Anyway, we are relieved the wait and the whole deal is over, another chapter in our life finished. We are now looking forward to what the future brings for our family! Of course I'll keep you posted! 

P.S. Unfortunately Juan was at work when our Realestate agent took the pic infront of the SOLD sign. Oh well. At least we managed to get the kids' toys in there .. ;-)

Friday, March 2, 2012


Yesterday I arrived home to find our front door had been forced open, the lock strewn across the floor, the wood broken away where a crowbar had attacked it. Leaving the kids in the car at the top of the driveway, I nervously entered the house, not sure whether to be quiet or yell out loud. I noticed straight away that our T.V was gone. I slowly made my way into each bedroom to see if anything else had been taken. I was so relieved to see the near new laptop still sitting on the desk in the study, and Juan's brand new tablet still in our bedroom. At first I thought the bedroom had been ransacked, but then realised it was just the clean clothes all over the floor due to my laziness. Phew!

After making all of the necessary phone calls to police and rental agencies, the door has been fingerprinted and temporarily fixed for now.

There is a big gaping space in the room now where the T.V once sat, and it feels like a big slap in the face very time I glance at it. It's a wake up call that we live naively in our little world believing that we have control over our lives and what happens. When in reality, people can destroy that feeling of control within three minutes as they break into the one place on earth that you choose to make your safe haven. It's just not fair. It's so wrong. And you know, it's not even about the T.V at all. I honestly don't care that it is gone. I was actually just saying yesterday morning that the T.V was on a little too much throughout the day. Looks like that concern is taken care of for me.

No, it's not the T.V that I miss. It's the feeling of security that I once felt when I left the house, when I ignorantly believed and even felt that my home was protected and was a place my family and I could be safe. But it's not anymore. Sitting here now it just feels like some board and bricks glued together with pieces of wood here and there that can be busted open by a couple of random punks whenever they want. I wonder if I would feel any less safe if they had trashed the place and taken everything. I doubt it. Because the fact that they only took the T.V is actually just a reminder that they are the ones who have control over what they want and when they want it. And you know what? When we get a new T.V they can come back whenever they want and get that too. Whether I am here or not, they have the choice and the control. And suddenly life just got more complicated.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not walking around, nor do I feel like, a complete paranoid mess. I'm not going out buying a gun or a guard dog (I wish Juan would let me get a dog, but not for protection purposes :-) But I have received, even though incredibly minor compared to others' experiences, a dose of reality, and I'm now just trying to get used to the new feelings that come with it. I'm sure I'll feel better in a couple of days.

And hey, you know what? The joke is actually on them - Eadie scratched the screen pretty bad a few months back so no doubt they'll get a lot less for it than what they were bargaining for. Ha ha.  Suckers.