Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Anabel!

 We finally got a chance to celebrate Anabel's 1st Birthday on Saturday. We had planned to do it last weekend but poor Bel came down with croop, and we had to cancel. Unfortunately some people weren't able to make the new change of date, so there were a few friends who weren't there, but we still had a great time anyway. The theme was "pretty in pink" and although I had a completely different look in my mind for decorations, the result, I thought, was absolutely fabulous! I was very happy with the cake and cupcakes, which is a huge thing because I was using frosting for the first time ever and had to practice on cupcakes during the week to get it right! I was happy to learn that it was not as hard as I had thought it would be, and I can honesty say I am now a fan of piping, and frosting. Yay! Next I just have to conquer fondant figurines... :-P

Anabel was absolutely adorable in her pretty pink party dress, and the kids all had a great time making party headband, eating junk food, and just running a muck. It was sooo much easier having the party in my own home, having it decorated the night before, and not having to transport cakes and food in the car! I just loved it. 

Even though the day was extremely full on with the party all morning, then voting for our local candidates over lunch, followed by selling sausages at the kindy Bunnings sausage sizzle all afternoon, and THEN feeding the missionaries for dinner, the party was definitely the highlight of the day, and I have the pics prove it. I'll let them do the talking:

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