Saturday, March 24, 2012


Our house is officially SOLD! Very exciting!

The process was long and arduous but it is over and we are grateful and happy with the outcome. It didn't work out the way we had originally planned, as the market has taken a terrible turn in the past few years, but we are aware of how much we have learned in the process and we are better for it. 

We had some great learning experiences throughout the last few months which have really been a blessing to us. We went from practically begging the Lord, to Waiting on him, a process that is life-changing on so many levels.  What a wonderful lesson to learn! I wrote a letter to my parents explaining the process of how we learned to wait on Him rather than wait 'on the house', and I'll paste it in here, as it's detailed and long. But well worth the read. :-) 

Anyway, we are relieved the wait and the whole deal is over, another chapter in our life finished. We are now looking forward to what the future brings for our family! Of course I'll keep you posted! 

P.S. Unfortunately Juan was at work when our Realestate agent took the pic infront of the SOLD sign. Oh well. At least we managed to get the kids' toys in there .. ;-)

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