Friday, April 6, 2012

Leaving Her Scent

So I think I have discovered the way to stop Eadie drawing on everything. Just after we moved into this house she scribbled all over the couch, the wall, and even the window (!!). It got to the point where I just couldn't be bothered cleaning it off anymore. So I left it. That's right. I walked away and just left the scribbles all over my house. I actually had the weird thought that maybe if she saw she had already made her mark in that space, then she wouldn't do it there again. And, funny enough,  it worked! She hasn't drawn in the quiet room since these pics were taken (yes, this is all in only one room!)

Just like she digs up every patch of dirt she sees, just like she spills every bowl of food she is given, and just like she has to put her little hands in every inch of water within her eye sight, I have come to the conclusion that she also likes to 'leave her mark'. 
Just like a puppy. Like a rambunctious, undisciplined, psycho little puppy running havoc around my house, this is what my Eadith is.

Unfortunately, unlike a puppy I can't lock her outside or make her sleep in the laundry if she is naughty. But also just like a puppy, she jumps all over you, looks up at you with those brown little eyes when she wants something, and even likes me to stroke her arm or leg as we sit down together watching T.V...
Hmmm... sitting here thinking about all this right now makes me wonder if this info will work for or against me in my argument with Juan as to whether we will one day get a dog.... But for now, who needs one, when we've got Eadie?

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