Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Snapped this pic this morning for Grandma Hunt's birthday present before we took off for the shops to print it. Happy with how it came out and I wanted to show off my girls to the world. (I know, I know, they are in EXACTLY the same position as the other quick snaps I took for Abuelita's birthday present 4 months ago... Hey, I'm not claiming to be a photographer, I just think I have cute kids... ;-)  Enjoy! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cheeky Little Monkey

So I was sitting at the table feeding Anabel and Eadie walks into the room and heads for the kitchen. She stops and turns to me. 
Shaking her finger at me she says, "Now don't ask me what I do..."
I was confused. "What?" I said.
"Don't ask me what I do..." she repeated in a kind of mumble. 
I just nodded and said, "OK..." and continued feeding Bel, not really sure what I just agreed to.
Eadie began walking into the kitchen and I noticed she was heading over to the brownies which I had, two minutes ago told her not to touch. It suddenly hit me.
"Eadie", I said. "What are you doing?" She stopped and her shoulders slumped forward.
"Ugh!" she sighed. "I told you not to ask me what I do!" and with that she walked away defeated. 

It happened last night but I'm still giggling to myself!

The Fine Print

I want to set the record straight about this post before anyone reads it. It's meant to be a humorous, albeit realistic view of what motherhood and parenthood of toddlers is like. But I was having a hell of a couple of days and I had to release. It felt really good to let it all out and press the Publish button to post it for the world to see, but then about two hours later I rushed to the computer and took it off the blog because I was paranoid people would think that I hate being a mother or they wouldn't see the humorous side of my words. Well, the next day on facebook I had a comment from a single friend in America, plus a comment from my sister in law saying how hilarious and great they thought it was (somehow they both read it in that two hours I had it online?! wow!) and hence, I decided to put it up again for the world to see and judge because it gave them a good laugh anyway. But I just want to be clear that I DO love motherhood and I LOVE my kids, and most of the time it is a joyous experience, mingled in with the moments I mention here. Actually, I take that back, by the time I got these feelings down on paper, the week I had was probably more of these moments mingled with the joyous ones.... but you get what I mean! I hope you read this for what its is... a crazed mother at the end of her witz after a hard couple of days with the kids, letting it all hang out. And on that note, enjoy this glimpse of insanity...

I am sitting here this morning writing this because I can no longer keep what I'm feeling inside of me. I need to release it for fear it will begin eating away at me from the inside until I am left with nothing more than a hollow haggard shell; a burnt out replica of the woman I once was. I'm writing this so that as my children get older I will never completely forget what it is like to be a mother of young children. Never forget the immense struggle it is day after day, week after week, hour after hour.

I am worn out. I am more than fatigued. I'm singed to my very ends. I am so over being a mother right now I struggle to find the words to really express it. To say out loud "I've changed my mind, I don't want to do this anymore", even to me sound way too dramatic. But it's along those lines of how I am feeling. Why doesn't anyone tell  you that being a parent actually sucks? Like, it's so excruciating sometimes that you feel like shouting to the heavens, "You getting a good laugh? You think this is funny? What am I doing, filling the 5pm slot on the Heaven Comedy Channel?!

Seriously, was everyone just lying our whole lives? What's all that baloney about raising young kids being the best part of your life? Or parenthood being 'the best decision I ever made'? Blah! That was obviously during a good day! I bet you went home and before you even got through the door was yelling until you were blue in the face, "I said clean that pigsty right now! Don't talk back to me! Stop spitting on the baby! I said come here now! Who broke my favorite and only glass candelabra that was the one nice ornament in my entire house!?" ... or something like that.

 Why isn't there a person in the world who sits you down and actually warns you about what you're getting in for? At least then you can say you were warned. Some are warned about who we choose to marry, about what career path to follow, even perhaps what suburb to live in. But when a person says "We're thinking of having a baby", why isn't there one person in the room who says "Stop! Now before you go on, please, I beg of you, listen to my words, just hear me out. And then you can continue to make your plans after I have finished saying what I am about to say...". 

You know why no one ever says that? Because we don't want to rain on their parade. On their ignorant, naive, false rendition of the way if really is. Instead what do we do? We smile sweetly and say "Aw! That's great! Good luck! You're going to love it!" and off we go sharing the good times motherhood brings. Things like, "Have you thought of names yet?", "...with their soft little cheeks and little fingers...", "Yes, definiately get a jogger stroller that way you can go jogging whenever you want", and "...hearing the word mama for the first time... aw, it's so special..." ....When really what we want to say is, "See these bags under my eyes? They're not from having special late nights with the hubby. And your hands? Enjoy them now because no matter how many times you wash them your fingers will smell like poo all day every day."

No, we don't want to rain on her parade by telling her how it really is. Instead, we might say something like, "Get some sleep now because you wont be getting any for a long time, hee hee!" with a cute giggle at the end. But what we really wanted to say were the words, "Don't bother trying to get extra sleep now, it wont make a scrap of  difference. During the first trimester of pregnancy you'll either have insomnia from excitement, or be so tired you wont be able to even make dinner for a month. Then during the second trimester you'll be getting up peeing around 30 times a night, and that's if the leg cramps don't shoot you awake at 2am. Then in the third trimester you're going to be so uncomfortable you will have forgotten what it's actually like to sleep through a full night. And then the baby will be born. From that first night pushing that thing out of you as you lay physically beaten and battered at 3am, what you once knew as sleeping-in no longer exists. What you once knew as "getting an early night" will be of no consequence. The words "feeling rested" are no longer in your vocabulary. Oh yes my dear, I am very excited for you, but this excitement comes with this warning... you will not sleep through the night for years and years to come."  But instead, we smile and  tell her how exciting it will be, knowing damn well that she has no idea what is in store for her. And we shake our heads and smile...

Is that what it is?  Do we like watching other people go through the hell we are living or have lived, and so we encourage them and promote only the positives of motherhood? Are our parents using it as a way to get back at us for what they went through? Or is it that we just don't think to say it at the time because the miracle of creating another human being actually over-rides our senses for that moment and reality is put to the back-burner while we celebrate with her? 

I want to set the record straight. Sure, motherhood has great moments. You know, those cheery times when the world is rosy and smiles are filling our faces. When there is peace and things are running smoothly. This blog is filled with post after post of those moments. They are genuine happy moments of fun and joy. These times can go on for hours, even days. But then that hour ends and reality sneaks in with its tiny little footsteps, and the next hour you're standing there in shock saying to yourself, "I just wanted to do something nice, something I thought they would enjoy.... I was just trying to be a good mum....". Because somehow those smiles have turned into frowns, those happy eyes now have tears streaming down them, and everyone is yelling at eachother... And you wonder... 'where did I go wrong?'.

You didn't. You probably did everything right. It's not you; it's your psycho, crazy, unpredictable kids who have ruined everything. Not you. You were just trying to be a good mum and do something nice. Maybe a trip to the park, an ice cream treat, a fun family outing. It was all with good intent. It's not your fault your kids decided to turn on you. It's not your fault the words, "We have to get going now" turn them into winging idiots. And they have no comprehension that you actually have to head home so that you can cook them a meal that is nutritious AND yummy so that they actually eat it and grow into healthy people. It's not your fault that instead of hearing, "Gee, thanks for letting us come to the park today mum. We would have been so bored otherwise!", you are met with, "Aw, but I don't wanna go! One hour isn't long enough! I want to stay! No! No mum, no! I'm not coming! You can't make me! Leave me alone! Put me down! Argh! Noooo! You never let me do anything I want to do!" Boo hoo hoo, winging all the way home, followed by you slamming the car door and screaming "Now get in that shower right now or there's no dinner! I don't want to hear another word! ... Another word! And don't you slam that door!" After which you then walk into the kitchen and begin preparations to actually cook and serve a meal for them. For those ungrateful, selfish little turds who just ruined your fun-planned afternoon. 

Where did you go so wrong? Did you say something to set them off? Am I not raising them properly? Am I teaching them all wrong and instead they are being trained to be spoiled, uncontrollable little brats? Why am I hating this so much? And then the guilt sets in.... I shouldn't be feeling like this. I made the decision to have kids, I shouldn't be wanting to put them up for adoption. I'm the worst mother in the world. Why did I think I can do this? I'm so selfish for feeling this way. I should be grateful that I can actually have children, there are millions of people who can't have even one. They would be grateful every moment for their kids. I suck at this. Why does it have to be so hard? What am I doing wrong? Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

But why are we the ones feeling so guilty about not enjoying the experience? Of all the people who should be feeling guilty, why should it be us? We're trying trying trying to make things better. We are doing the best we can. We are going above and beyond any patience level human beings should be measured against. And we're the ones feeling guilty? Why?

I'll tell you why. Because no one told us it would be this hard. All they told us were the good things. Our mothers and grandmothers had forgotten about the young kid stage by the time they had teenagers and to them those teenage years turned into the hardest part of parenthood. Some even go so far as to say "Enjoy these years, it's the best times of your life..." and it leaves us mothers-of-toddlers thinking, "Are you serious? It doesn't get any better than this?" When in reality, what they are really saying is that it all just sucks. It's a never-ending, exhausting, messed up job.

But, just as we sit there at baby showers or play dates with our friends and share in the excitement and miracle that is the creation of a little baby, just like those experienced mothers before us, we hold back our comments of how awful our morning was before we arrived there. We hide with makeup the bruise our three year old gave us when they whacked us in the eye with the same toy figurine you bought them just to see their little face light up with happiness. We don't share with them the sleepless month we have had while the baby has suffered with colic, nor do we warn them about the fears of failing the one and most important thing you had always imagined you would be good at.

We don't tell them that they are not just taking on the role of 'mum', but also three additional jobs of non-stop Cleaner, full-time Chef, and live-in Nanny.  We don't tell them that all you have to give will never be enough  to satisfy their wants. We neglect to mention that the pain of child bearing wont end at labor, nor after breastfeeding. You will be stepped on, crawled on; feet will be implanted into your now floppy stomach; Hard little heads will literally collide with yours but no one will hear your cries, because your 18 month old will be crying louder than you are and you will be too busy consoling her to notice the purple egg risen on your temple. You will be pushed out of your bed, yelled at, spat at, thrown up on, hit, kicked, and slapped. Changing a 10 month old's nappy will feel as though you are wrestling with a crocodile, and trying to reason with a four year old will somehow feel physically exhausting. You're forced to re-wash drawings off walls, couches, and tables. Washing.. always washing. Unfortunately you wont be able to get the drawings off your favorite books or canvas prints. You are constantly asked to make something to eat; meanwhile you haven't eaten more than a small bite of one of their sandwiches all day. And, of course they have a meltdown when they see a small bite was taken out of their specially designed crust-less-multi-grain-wholemeal-bread-sandwich you made for them because they were 'starving'. So now you feel like a hypocrite because you're teaching them that it's OK to steal from other people, when you've been telling them to keep their hands to themselves and not touch other people's things all month. So you find yourself apologizing for taking a bite out of a sandwich that you made, for the little brats who you actually have to remind to say 'thankyou' for it.

And you realize... you cannot win. They will not write you a thank you card, you will not receive a letter of appreciation in the mail, and you will not get the key to the city for your efforts in raising awesome members of the community. Your tears will go unnoticed, your sleepless nights uncounted. Your house will be messy, your clothes will be stained. Your car will be a garbage tip, and the meals you slaved over will go uneaten. This is just the way it is. 

You know,over the time I was writing this I was continually interrupted by my three little girls. My three year old climbed up on my knee and wanted a kiss and a hug, and my 14 month old wanted me to put on her shiny new church shoes so she could parade around the house practicing her new walking skills. They were nice moments. Cute little moments I'll maybe share with friends one day. Of course I wont mention that my three year old also deliberately dribbled down my neck as she kissed me because she's going through a spitting phase, and the moment ended with her laughing "Ha ha, I spat on your neck!" and me saying "Ew! Stop spitting on people, that's disgusting!". Nor will I mention the tantrum my one year old threw as I wrestled her down for her morning nap. And I'll say nothing about the fact that my four year old came up to me repeatedly asking "Are you done yet?!" begging for her turn on the computer and rolling her eyes like I was the worst person in the world. I wont mention that I had to threaten 'no computer all day' in order to stop her berating me, nor will I mention that there are now raw spaghetti noodles scattered all over the kitchen floor from where one of them spilt an entire packet on the ground. And I'm sure I wont remember how many times I have given the "shhhh!!" down the hallway as the girls ran around the baby's room door until they eventually woke her up after only 30 minutes of unsettled sleep which will put the baby in a bad nap routine for the rest of the day, and will most likely affect her carefully regimented night-time sleep pattern which will mean I'll be up probably every three hours again tonight, after finally training her to sleep through until 5am every morning over the last four months. 

No, I probably wont mention any of this to my prospective mother friends. And why not? Because like all experienced mothers, who am I to rain on her parade?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Funny Moment

When I saw this pic of the kids, taken at Los Abuelos a couple of weeks ago, I just had to put it in...  Eadie cracks me up :-)

Our Own Backyard

We have now been in our new house for six months, and have loved every minute of making it our own. However a funny thing has happened since we moved from Daisy Hill down the road to the suburb of Springwood. We have began to hang out more in our our old neighbourhood! 

For a long while I have been thinking of different ways to enjoy what our local lifestyle has to offer. It's so tempting to drive down to the Gold Coast or visit parks in the city as a way to 'do something fun and different'. But I have really come to appreciate the fun and different things that our local suburbs have to offer - and ironically in particular the one in which we used to live! 

I was aware of the fact that Daisy Hill had a forest in it. It's hard to miss, as it spans practically the entire back of the suburb. But how many times had I been there in the 4 1/2 years we lived there? Probably about four times. No joke! And each time was for an actual planned event. Maybe a church picnic, a birthday party, or to visit the forest's Koala Center. Every time I went there I thought to myself, "isn't this nice? It's so special, a real hidden treasure. I'll have to come back here one day...." But I never did. In all this time I had never walked one of the bush trails, and I had never seen it in the weekday. Why?? Because I was too busy driving an hour to the zoo to see wild animals, and driving 2 hours to the mountains to go on a bush walk! 

Then one day, I can't even remember the reason why, I decided to take the girls to the forest. It was early, maybe 9am. To my complete surprise we were the only ones there! A beautiful forest like this - how could it be? We could have danced naked in the middle of the clearing, it was that empty. But that was fine with us! We walked through the koala center (which was actually the only busy place), and found out about a small (400m) kids' walk called The Paperbark Trail off in the forest. The kids loved it! Every time they go they find their favorite spots again and ask me to re-read the information posts placed here and there along the walk. They describe the different animals that live there, and explains why the river is orange slime (not for the reasons you think!) and why the white trees are called Paperbarks. they love it, and feel very smart retelling the information to daddy and their friends. :-)

Then, about a week later we returned to the forest, this time in the afternoon. What a delight! Wallabies as far as the eye could see, just standing there grazing in the grass! The girls were so excited! Eadie wanted to run after them, Anabel wanted to touch them, and Tori was perfectly content to watch from afar. It was so beautiful to see the park in the different shades of light and to see when the animals are most active. So far we have learned that we rarely see wallabies in the field in the mornings, but in the afternoons around 1pm they are out grazing, and the koalas completely come alive and it's the best time to watch them eat and walk around the tree tops. 

We have since been back multiple times, sometimes with friends. I am thinking about having a big mothers group out there one morning. Apart from the occasional Asian couple practicing Tia Ch, or a couple of tourist walking the trails, it is deserted. The weekends are a whole other ball game, with Sundays it is filled with mountain bikers, and kids' parties galore. But for us, we are blessed to be able to have this beautiful park on our doorstep to use whenever we want. How lucky are we?!

Real Life Dora

Our girls love Dora the Explorer. Along with her cousin Diego, the two of them provide hours of entertainment for my kids. So when Eadie's hair began giving her grief with knots and food tangled in it every single morning I suggested getting a hair cut like Dora. Eadie thought that would be "fantastico!", and after a month or so of getting used to the idea, we went to the shops and waited in line. Eadie thought she understood the process of getting a haircut, as I had explained it numerous times. But somewhere along the way she must have misunderstood, because when it came her time to cut, she was appalled and terrified of the idea of actually having to sit in the chair and also letting the lady cut her hair! Still don't understand where I went wrong in my explanation of how it is done....

Long story short, I sat in the chair wearing an apron, with Eadie sitting on top of me, also wearing an apron, and the poor hairdresser was forced to cut and snip away while Eadie sheepishly huddled into me! Thankfully, as I knew it would, the end result was a gorgeous bob and suddenly we had a real life Dora the Explorer on our hands! People had often said Eadie reminded them of Dora, but now we get comments wherever we go! 

She just loves knowing that she looks like her favorite character. A couple of days after the cut, she woke up and ran down to our room crying.
 "Mum!" she sobbed, waking me up. "Mum! It's not like Dora anymore!" "What?" I asked, completely confused. "My hair! It doesn't look like Dora anymore!" I pulled her to me and had a closer look. Sure enough, the sleek bob now had a couple of small kinks in it from going to sleep with it slightly wet the night before. I reassured her that brushing it would straighten it out again and that she still had the Dora haircut. What a relief for her to see once we brushed it out! :-)

The afternoon we got it done we went to Los Abuelos for lunch. To our, and their surprise, Abuelita had cut her hair in the same style! It was definitely a Kodak moment:

Yes, her curls have all been cut off. It was sad to see them go (but a relief for both of us when brushing her hair, let me tell you!). But we don't really notice their gone much, because she looks so darn cute in her little shiny big girl bob! Don't you agree? :-)

Book Worm

I have memories of me as a young girl staying up late into the night reading as I lay in my bed. Entranced in the world of romantic teenage novels, despite being exhausted in the morning, I would often stay up well beyond  11pm, sometimes past midnight, until my body couldn't take it anymore and I would at last succumb to fatigue.

Well, it looks like we have another book worm in the family! On many occasions Juan and I have caught our 14 month old laying in her bed, well after lights-out, flicking through pages in her sisters' toddler books. Every day I see Anabel sitting on the couch reading, turning the book's pages like a seasoned professional. I remember always freaking out when a book was nearby Vettoria or Eadith at the same ages, as I knew that Vettoria would be sure to start chewing on the corners and covers, and without a doubt I knew Eadie was going to rip out as many pages as she could before I raced over to stop her. We have countless books with scribbles and folds and teeth marks filling the pages. I was always jealous going over to my friends' houses and seeing their perfectly kept kids' books all lined up on their cute little shelves, with maybe the occasional bite mark indent on one book or, heaven forbid, a small pencil mark on one of the pages. They had no idea what it was like to live with book savages. 

Well, now I know what it is like to live with a book 'appreciater'! Anabel just loves them. Numerous times we have had to go into her room after hearing her giggle for an hour, to find her laying there flicking through a Dora the Explorer book, using the outside light from the small slit in her window to see. In the past I have always kept a couple of books in the girls' beds so that when they wake up in the morning they can sit and play for a bit before feeling the urge to cry that they are ready to come out. But what I wasn't prepared for was a 14 month old who I have to ban from reading books before bed, so that she will fall asleep! 

But it carries further than just at home. When we are out at friends' houses and she sees a book she likes there is NO getting that book out of her hands to go home. She will scream and kick until she is blue in the face. I am not exaggerating, I have had to ask friends if we can borrow the book for a few days because Anabel is so in love with it. Thank heavens at the library when we sees a book she loves, I have the ability to loan it with little fuss. She will however begin to meltdown when I have to pry it from her hands to give it to the lady to scan into the computer, before quickly giving it back to her in order to prevent a scene!  

I have no doubt that we will be having many more "Anabel, I told you - put down that book, turn out that light, and go to sleep!" years ahead of us. The poor thing has no idea that one day karma will come and bite her in the butt and she will be the one telling her daughter, "lights out!" 

Some cute pics of my girls

We snapped these while we were visiting Los Abuelos one Saturday and I couldn't resist putting them in... Enjoy!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Eadie!

So it feels as though I just put on baby Anabel's first birthday when all of a sudden I was making more cupcakes and bunting, and decorating the house for Eadie's THIRD birthday! (And what's more, in that exact time frame again I will be decorating for Tori's FOURTH birthday party in July! Yikes!) 

Despite the fact that I still had Anabel's bunting up in the living room (no exaggeration) I took it down and put up new colored bunting for Eadie's party, which was a wonderfully fun and exciting event. After many deliberations about what colors and theme she wanted she decided on a Dora theme (for the second year in a row) but I managed to talk her out of having a second Dora the Explorer themed cake (at the very least if only so we didn't get confused with dates in 20 years..) and we settled on cupcakes, with one of her Dora figurines sitting on the top tier. But she lost it the day before so she didn't end up on the top anyway which I was happy about because honestly, it would have looked weird... but I promise you, it was Eadie who lost the shabby two year old Dora figurine, not me! 

Anyway, Eadie chose the wrapping paper and I took my cue from there. Balloons galore everywhere,and cupcakes coming out of our ears! But I am learning my lesson with how I put on a party. Especially if I'm going to be doing three big parties within five months of eachother.. you want to know my secret? Don't cook a thing! Yep! All I do now is the cake. And I usually do a packet mix! That's it. It is my stress-free solution to party planning. That way all I have to do is cut up some fruit (OK, so Glen did the entire fruit platter, but in my defense he did ask if there was anything he could do to help, so I was more than happy to give him a job.. Thanks Uncle Glen!) and put together a cheese and kabana platter (thanks again Glen! Hey, you asked!) and empty bags of chips and lollies into bowls (yes, I did that part :-). And then voila, it's party time! 

This year we had about 35 people or so, so it was pretty big. But so much fun! I love being busy topping up dips and crackers and drinks and shuffling kids around to do fun things. I even love the decorating part of it and making the cake. People often ask me why I don't just downsize it and have just some family and a cake, but in all honesty, despite the fact that I might look flustered on the day or I'm pulling my hair out about something or other the week before, it really is a lot of fun. Motherhood can be pretty monotonous, so it's nice to throw in a week of crazy havoc planning for a memory-making event every now and again. 

Anyway, back to Eadie. Yep, she had a great time. She finally got that Pillow Pet she has been asking for since she saw the commercial on T.V. over six months ago and it was a total hit! Thank you Christinsons! Another favorite present that stood out was from her nursery teacher Adelle Friswell who, being the super crafty person she is, she gave Eadie an entire decorated shoe box filled with craft stuff to glue and bend and just play with. Eadie took every single piece out saying "wow!" until she got to the bottom of the box and then she put it all back in, she was so excited! A whole box of things to touch and break and paste? Adelle knows her well! And thank you Adelle from me too, that will keep her entertained for hours!! :-) 

As well as that, she got a lot of 'big girl' gifts this year. Irma got her a leapfrog little computer game thing (which Tori is crazy for), and Ivy and Kenzie got her some spelling puzzles (which Tori loves) and she also got some Lego, which, when I let her open it under supervised conditions up on the dining table, Eadie will love I'm sure!  She got a stand up 'castle' tent from her friends Yvette and Cassia Stokes, as well as playdoh from Kara (can't go wrong there! But yes, it's already squashed into my couch..), two new dresses from los Abuelitos, once which she loved so much she changed out of her clothes and put it on before the party began! And combined with her new gumboots from Tia Yanci who wasn't able to make the party, and hair clips from Grandma and Grandpa Hunt in America, she absolutely loved parading around looking at all of her presents and thanking everyone for them. 

She was a gracious host and she had a ball. There were bubbles, and Dora artworks and decorated cookies, and frosting everywhere. It was lots of fun. But, as usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking.. 
We love you beautiful girl. Happy 3rd Birthday Eadith!  



Anabel's First Batter Beater

I'm a big believer in carrying on traditions... the fun ones mostly... I let Eadie eat raw spaghetti sticks throughout the day because it was something I used to do as a kid. Is it good for her? Not really sure, but I turned out ok... 

So now it was Anabel's turn to be introduced to one of life's fun experiences. Licking the batter beater! She had seen Tori and Eadie do it since she was born, and I would watch her little baby face light up as she watched them "hmm!" and "yum!" their way slobbering all over those four prongs their little tongues twisting in and out as cake batter smeared all over their smiling faces. Well, Anabel is one year and one month old now, and as she was watching me cook Eadie's third birthday cupcakes with excitement, keeping her eyes glues to the beaters as I moved them from one place to another, I knew she was read to live the experience for herself. Well she was just beside herself! Her little chubby hand reached out as I passed it to her and it was as if someone had handed her a first place Olympic medal. She was elated! I started by giving her just one, and she was so excited and loving every moment I couldn't resist giving her the second as well! Lucky girl! 

She loved every moment. I took snaps of the pics because she just looked so proud and so happy and it really seemed like she actually felt like a big girl doing something she had seen only her big cool sisters do. 
Anabel, welcome to the Batter Beater Club. There will be plenty more where that came from! 

*three seconds later*

Oh no... I just had a thought... 
Two beaters... three sisters... 
Dang it..... What have I done?!

I'm in trouble...