Monday, May 28, 2012

Cheeky Little Monkey

So I was sitting at the table feeding Anabel and Eadie walks into the room and heads for the kitchen. She stops and turns to me. 
Shaking her finger at me she says, "Now don't ask me what I do..."
I was confused. "What?" I said.
"Don't ask me what I do..." she repeated in a kind of mumble. 
I just nodded and said, "OK..." and continued feeding Bel, not really sure what I just agreed to.
Eadie began walking into the kitchen and I noticed she was heading over to the brownies which I had, two minutes ago told her not to touch. It suddenly hit me.
"Eadie", I said. "What are you doing?" She stopped and her shoulders slumped forward.
"Ugh!" she sighed. "I told you not to ask me what I do!" and with that she walked away defeated. 

It happened last night but I'm still giggling to myself!

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