Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Eadie!

So it feels as though I just put on baby Anabel's first birthday when all of a sudden I was making more cupcakes and bunting, and decorating the house for Eadie's THIRD birthday! (And what's more, in that exact time frame again I will be decorating for Tori's FOURTH birthday party in July! Yikes!) 

Despite the fact that I still had Anabel's bunting up in the living room (no exaggeration) I took it down and put up new colored bunting for Eadie's party, which was a wonderfully fun and exciting event. After many deliberations about what colors and theme she wanted she decided on a Dora theme (for the second year in a row) but I managed to talk her out of having a second Dora the Explorer themed cake (at the very least if only so we didn't get confused with dates in 20 years..) and we settled on cupcakes, with one of her Dora figurines sitting on the top tier. But she lost it the day before so she didn't end up on the top anyway which I was happy about because honestly, it would have looked weird... but I promise you, it was Eadie who lost the shabby two year old Dora figurine, not me! 

Anyway, Eadie chose the wrapping paper and I took my cue from there. Balloons galore everywhere,and cupcakes coming out of our ears! But I am learning my lesson with how I put on a party. Especially if I'm going to be doing three big parties within five months of eachother.. you want to know my secret? Don't cook a thing! Yep! All I do now is the cake. And I usually do a packet mix! That's it. It is my stress-free solution to party planning. That way all I have to do is cut up some fruit (OK, so Glen did the entire fruit platter, but in my defense he did ask if there was anything he could do to help, so I was more than happy to give him a job.. Thanks Uncle Glen!) and put together a cheese and kabana platter (thanks again Glen! Hey, you asked!) and empty bags of chips and lollies into bowls (yes, I did that part :-). And then voila, it's party time! 

This year we had about 35 people or so, so it was pretty big. But so much fun! I love being busy topping up dips and crackers and drinks and shuffling kids around to do fun things. I even love the decorating part of it and making the cake. People often ask me why I don't just downsize it and have just some family and a cake, but in all honesty, despite the fact that I might look flustered on the day or I'm pulling my hair out about something or other the week before, it really is a lot of fun. Motherhood can be pretty monotonous, so it's nice to throw in a week of crazy havoc planning for a memory-making event every now and again. 

Anyway, back to Eadie. Yep, she had a great time. She finally got that Pillow Pet she has been asking for since she saw the commercial on T.V. over six months ago and it was a total hit! Thank you Christinsons! Another favorite present that stood out was from her nursery teacher Adelle Friswell who, being the super crafty person she is, she gave Eadie an entire decorated shoe box filled with craft stuff to glue and bend and just play with. Eadie took every single piece out saying "wow!" until she got to the bottom of the box and then she put it all back in, she was so excited! A whole box of things to touch and break and paste? Adelle knows her well! And thank you Adelle from me too, that will keep her entertained for hours!! :-) 

As well as that, she got a lot of 'big girl' gifts this year. Irma got her a leapfrog little computer game thing (which Tori is crazy for), and Ivy and Kenzie got her some spelling puzzles (which Tori loves) and she also got some Lego, which, when I let her open it under supervised conditions up on the dining table, Eadie will love I'm sure!  She got a stand up 'castle' tent from her friends Yvette and Cassia Stokes, as well as playdoh from Kara (can't go wrong there! But yes, it's already squashed into my couch..), two new dresses from los Abuelitos, once which she loved so much she changed out of her clothes and put it on before the party began! And combined with her new gumboots from Tia Yanci who wasn't able to make the party, and hair clips from Grandma and Grandpa Hunt in America, she absolutely loved parading around looking at all of her presents and thanking everyone for them. 

She was a gracious host and she had a ball. There were bubbles, and Dora artworks and decorated cookies, and frosting everywhere. It was lots of fun. But, as usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking.. 
We love you beautiful girl. Happy 3rd Birthday Eadith!  



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