Thursday, May 24, 2012

Real Life Dora

Our girls love Dora the Explorer. Along with her cousin Diego, the two of them provide hours of entertainment for my kids. So when Eadie's hair began giving her grief with knots and food tangled in it every single morning I suggested getting a hair cut like Dora. Eadie thought that would be "fantastico!", and after a month or so of getting used to the idea, we went to the shops and waited in line. Eadie thought she understood the process of getting a haircut, as I had explained it numerous times. But somewhere along the way she must have misunderstood, because when it came her time to cut, she was appalled and terrified of the idea of actually having to sit in the chair and also letting the lady cut her hair! Still don't understand where I went wrong in my explanation of how it is done....

Long story short, I sat in the chair wearing an apron, with Eadie sitting on top of me, also wearing an apron, and the poor hairdresser was forced to cut and snip away while Eadie sheepishly huddled into me! Thankfully, as I knew it would, the end result was a gorgeous bob and suddenly we had a real life Dora the Explorer on our hands! People had often said Eadie reminded them of Dora, but now we get comments wherever we go! 

She just loves knowing that she looks like her favorite character. A couple of days after the cut, she woke up and ran down to our room crying.
 "Mum!" she sobbed, waking me up. "Mum! It's not like Dora anymore!" "What?" I asked, completely confused. "My hair! It doesn't look like Dora anymore!" I pulled her to me and had a closer look. Sure enough, the sleek bob now had a couple of small kinks in it from going to sleep with it slightly wet the night before. I reassured her that brushing it would straighten it out again and that she still had the Dora haircut. What a relief for her to see once we brushed it out! :-)

The afternoon we got it done we went to Los Abuelos for lunch. To our, and their surprise, Abuelita had cut her hair in the same style! It was definitely a Kodak moment:

Yes, her curls have all been cut off. It was sad to see them go (but a relief for both of us when brushing her hair, let me tell you!). But we don't really notice their gone much, because she looks so darn cute in her little shiny big girl bob! Don't you agree? :-)

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