Thursday, June 21, 2012

The little things

As the girls are getting older I'm finding myself desperately trying to remember all the things I always said "I will never forget that!". I've done the same thing about the mission; things I swore at the time I would always remember are lost or slowly getting there. I'm really glad I jotted down heaps of memories while I was a missionary, otherwise these things would be gone forever. 

Well, the same thing is happening with my kids. I'm really grateful I started this blog almost three years ago, and I already have two huge books that I printed off of the posts from year to year. Its so much fun to look back and see each child grow so quickly, and remember all the things we've been up to over the years. But so many things go unmentioned. So many things are hilarious or cute and I don't even mention them. So I wanted to get a couple of them out from the top of my head right now so that one day I can look back and go, "That's right, I remember! That was sooo cute!/Annoying!/Hilarious!"

1) Tori is paranoid about elevators ever since Eadie got stuck in one. Every time we go near one she begins yelling, "Eadie! Hold on to the pram! Eadie! Come here, hold on to the pram!" It's sooo annoying as most of the time Eadie is perfectly fine and doesn't really need to hold on to anything. But for some reason Tori continually has to bring it up. Every single shop we drive into she will say, 'Mum, does this shop have an elevator?" and if it does, she always says, "Eadie, this shop has an elevator. Make sure you hold on to the pram" to which Eadie obediently replies, "Ok". And when the shop doesn't have an elevator Tori has actually been known to break into song, "Whoo hoo! This shop does not have an elevator!" in an operatic voice. No joke! But although it's annoying when she begins freaking out as we walk towards the elevator, at the same time I can see the concern she has for her little sister and it turns from annoying to really not wanting it any other way. :-) 

2) "Muu-um, Eadie wont stop copying me!" I hear these words sung through the air from the back seat of the car multiple times a day. But the reason why I don't get annoyed by it is because Eadie sings it at the same time Tori does, and it is just sweet and hilarious. They now say it all day just because it's fun to do, I'm sure. Plus, the fact that Eadie really wont stop copying Tori might have something to do with it. They love copying eachother. But they have two different ways of doing it, both as excruciating as the other. Tori will repeat everything you say back to you, whereas Eadie will actually say what you are saying as you're saying it. Her little motor mouth fumbles for the words as you try to speak, and you full know she is not understanding a word you or her are saying as she is concentrating so hard on copying every word instead. It drives Tori INSANE, but gee, it is hilarious to listen to, and then right on cue I'll hear it: "Muu-um! Eadie won't stop copying me" in chorus together. :-)

3) Eadie calls elevators "Alligators". For the life of me I cannot get her to pronounce ELEVATOR!! 

4) Every SINGLE time we get in or out of the car Eadie MUST run to the letterbox to "check the mail!". Even as we drive down the driveway the words filling the car are "Mum, I get the mail!" but I also hear the exact words when I open up the garage door to go anywhere! Often she will come back with mail, sometimes none, and she holds them like a prized possession. But, just like her fear of Eadie getting stuck in an elevator, Tori also has a fear of the garage door (as a result of the elevator I guess  because we haven't had any scary garage door incidents I can think of...) so Tori, every day will say to me "Mum, don't close the door, Eadie's getting the mail! Hurry Eadie!" and when she's back in I can then press the button to put the remote door down. So getting in and out of the car always takes at least one minute longer than it has to. Gee, the things I do to make my kids happy!! :-|

That's all I got this minute, but I'll definitely be back for more later :-) 

Cute Conversation

So I'm just in the kitchen right now making a birthday cake for a lady in the ward. Eadie is playing with playdoh at her little table, and we just shared this gorgeous conversation. I had to get it in here before I forgot:

*Captain Mac (a super hero show) just came on the T.V.*

Me: *in a teasing voiceOoh, look Eadie, it's your loooove!
Eadie: No, Captain Mac's not my love - Diego is my love!
Me: Well maybe Captain Mac can be Anabel's Love
Eadie: No, Anabel is too little to be married to her Love.
Me: Well how old to you have to be to get married?
Eadie: *thinks about it for a minute* You have to be three.
Me: Oh, so you're old enough to be married then?
Eadie: Yeah. 
Me: Who are you going to marry?
Eadie: Diego. And when I'm married I'm going to be a princess!

Cutest. Kid. Ever. Love you babe :-) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'School Photos'

I can't believe I have a child old enough to have 'school' photos. I was so excited leading up to it, and I was determined to make sure Tori looked absolutely perfect for her first big girl photo. I even began planning what shirt to put her in and how to do her hair a couple of days before. So about two days before the shoot I wasn't too worried about how she looked. Her kindy shirts were in the wash so we chose one of her old shirts with some paint stains on the front so she didn't ruin one of her nicer ones. We were in a rush so I pulled her hair back into a low ponytail. 

Therefore you can imagine my horror as I we walk into the class room to see every child dressed to perfection and every hair in place-- The photos were today!  "Nooo!"

The photographer was arriving in 20 minutes and I my little girl was one of the only ones there without the Kindy logo, not to mention her unruly hair and paint stains on her shirt! I felt terrible!! There wasn't time to take her home to change, so I had to think on the spot. I looked over at Eadie, who was looking particularly cute that day in her new purple shirt and flower hair clip she received for her birthday.. A plan was forming.... "Eadie, can you come here a minute?"

Within three minutes I had swapped their shirts, taken out Tori's hair, positioned the clip, and presented her to the class in an acceptable manner for class pics. Despite the fact that I was originally planning on putting her hair in two plats the way my mum did for my school photos (the only difference is that Tori loves is and I thought it was absolute "dag city"), and the fact that she was one of the only kids not wearing the school shirt despite being one of the mothers who actually DID buy the shirt, everything ran smoothly and we have two cute photos to embarrass her with one day. :-)  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Glamour Puss

Already Anabel is proving to be the 'Diva' of the family. She loves wearing jewelry and hats and having her hair done. She stands perfectly still while I put clips and hair ties in her hair (more still than even her almost five year old sister!), and most of the time she asks for them! All day every day she comes up to me carrying shirts and pants and shoes and hands them to me to put on her. This is a very normal daily image of her I just snapped:

You will notice she has, not kidding, three shirts on, one placed over the other. She is also wearing a pair of tights under those pants, and she discovered the joy of handbags just this morning and has refused to put it down all day! It keeps falling off her little arm, so it's lots of fun for me to keep having to put it back on again and again... and again... (not!)

Not only does she like to wear pretty things but she also  loves to see herself wearing them. If I put a clip in her hair we can't just leave it at that.. No no, I have to then take her into the bathroom and hold her up and show her how fabulous she looks. If I don't, she will head in there herself and yell until I come and pick her up so she can see herself!

She especially loves Sundays when she wears her pretty dresses. I now let her pick out which one she wants to wear. I hold her up in front of her wardrobe and point out each dress and ask, "...this one?", to which she says, "No..", "No..", "No..", until I will point to one and she will suddenly say, "Yes!". I'm not kidding, I can actually see her evaluating the dresses as we go along until she makes her decision. It is super cute, and I look forward to it every week. I wonder if this Diva attitude will continue as she gets older? I don't know, but I sure do love watching their little personalities shine as they grow :-) 

A Simple Dream Fulfilled

Ever since I started imagining what it would be like to have kids and have my own house, there was one thing I always knew I wanted to put in my home as decoration; my kids' artwork.

When Tori was one, she used to do these drawings with pencils or paints and they were just lines or messy blobs, but I nevertheless  framed a couple of them and hung them in the house. I was so desperate for my 'kids paintings' to be on my home walls I didn't care what they looked like! Well, as time has progressed, so have my girls' drawing talents, and I am so excited that now they are drawing and painting pictures where I can tell what they are, and are bright and colorful instead of big brown smears of paint. So, needless to say I have been collecting and gathering pictures together getting them ready to display. 

Since Tori has been in Kindy we have received an influx of very creative and interesting artwork five days a fortnight. It has been a delight and an eye-rolling experience all at the same time (especially when the glue is still wet and the stuck on materials are falling off as we walk back to the car!). But in order to accommodate for the growing number of art we were collecting between Eadie's at-home designs and Tori's kindy projects, I decided to make a Gallery Wall so that I could hang the most things up as possible in the smallest space. So I got two pieces of dowel and spray painted them, then screwed silver bulldog clips along it and stuck them to the wall using click on 3M stickers, which are the only thing I use as we are renting. This means I have to be creative and keep my artwork ideas very lightweight because they don't hold as well as nails.  Well I put it up a few months ago and I still love it. I have also added cute posters from the Friend Magazine which the kids love to look at ask me what the pictures say and what they mean. They're cute and colorful and teach great messages.

But I decided not to stop there. For Mother's Day I was given a huge painting of 'myself ' which of course I fell in love with, and then another day Tori brought home one of the cutest pictures I had ever seen; a cute little chick, like the ones that had hatched in her classroom. I immediately put that in a frame I had laying around, and I could't be happier with it! It sits at the end of our dining table and I love seeing it. Somehow it just 'works'.

Then, after reminding her to do me more paintings to hang up, I was given two more pictures, one of colored dots, and one of colored stripes. I love them both, and thanks to Cassandra's professional holding up expertise I, "...a little left... down a little on the right"-ed my way to three artworks that I think look awesome! I look at my house now and think "Wow! I have it! This is what I always imagined in my home with young kids!" But of course I'm not stopping yet.. haha. I still have three more pics in frames ready and waiting to be placed somewhere fabulous. 

I know that these paintings wont stay up forever in my house and I can appreciate that my taste will change over time, (as it has from year to hear and even month to month!) but for now I am super happy with my colorful collection of awesome talent from my beautiful kids. And the prices were so good, how could I refuse?! :-) 

Here are some more of their artwork for you to enjoy: 

These are the next three pics I'm about to put up somewhere. Just deciding where and how. I love the bright colors, and the top pic is one of my faves; it's Tori and her sisters at the beach.. Aww!!! :-)

This is the Chick above the dining table close up. I think it's just perfect. It's got some smeared paint marks on it and it was a little wrinkled by the time it got home, but you know, it adds character :-) I think it has a very modern look with it's simplicity and colors. Super cute!
The cutest puppy ever, colored in while playing at the Ikea playground :-) 

This is one of my favorites, Eadie's picture of Daddy going to work in his big building. :-)  It is one of  the first drawings she had has done where it has specific details (the building windows) Sooo cute, and of course Juan loves it :)
Eadie's picture of a rainbow with grass. :-)