Monday, June 18, 2012

A Simple Dream Fulfilled

Ever since I started imagining what it would be like to have kids and have my own house, there was one thing I always knew I wanted to put in my home as decoration; my kids' artwork.

When Tori was one, she used to do these drawings with pencils or paints and they were just lines or messy blobs, but I nevertheless  framed a couple of them and hung them in the house. I was so desperate for my 'kids paintings' to be on my home walls I didn't care what they looked like! Well, as time has progressed, so have my girls' drawing talents, and I am so excited that now they are drawing and painting pictures where I can tell what they are, and are bright and colorful instead of big brown smears of paint. So, needless to say I have been collecting and gathering pictures together getting them ready to display. 

Since Tori has been in Kindy we have received an influx of very creative and interesting artwork five days a fortnight. It has been a delight and an eye-rolling experience all at the same time (especially when the glue is still wet and the stuck on materials are falling off as we walk back to the car!). But in order to accommodate for the growing number of art we were collecting between Eadie's at-home designs and Tori's kindy projects, I decided to make a Gallery Wall so that I could hang the most things up as possible in the smallest space. So I got two pieces of dowel and spray painted them, then screwed silver bulldog clips along it and stuck them to the wall using click on 3M stickers, which are the only thing I use as we are renting. This means I have to be creative and keep my artwork ideas very lightweight because they don't hold as well as nails.  Well I put it up a few months ago and I still love it. I have also added cute posters from the Friend Magazine which the kids love to look at ask me what the pictures say and what they mean. They're cute and colorful and teach great messages.

But I decided not to stop there. For Mother's Day I was given a huge painting of 'myself ' which of course I fell in love with, and then another day Tori brought home one of the cutest pictures I had ever seen; a cute little chick, like the ones that had hatched in her classroom. I immediately put that in a frame I had laying around, and I could't be happier with it! It sits at the end of our dining table and I love seeing it. Somehow it just 'works'.

Then, after reminding her to do me more paintings to hang up, I was given two more pictures, one of colored dots, and one of colored stripes. I love them both, and thanks to Cassandra's professional holding up expertise I, "...a little left... down a little on the right"-ed my way to three artworks that I think look awesome! I look at my house now and think "Wow! I have it! This is what I always imagined in my home with young kids!" But of course I'm not stopping yet.. haha. I still have three more pics in frames ready and waiting to be placed somewhere fabulous. 

I know that these paintings wont stay up forever in my house and I can appreciate that my taste will change over time, (as it has from year to hear and even month to month!) but for now I am super happy with my colorful collection of awesome talent from my beautiful kids. And the prices were so good, how could I refuse?! :-) 

Here are some more of their artwork for you to enjoy: 

These are the next three pics I'm about to put up somewhere. Just deciding where and how. I love the bright colors, and the top pic is one of my faves; it's Tori and her sisters at the beach.. Aww!!! :-)

This is the Chick above the dining table close up. I think it's just perfect. It's got some smeared paint marks on it and it was a little wrinkled by the time it got home, but you know, it adds character :-) I think it has a very modern look with it's simplicity and colors. Super cute!
The cutest puppy ever, colored in while playing at the Ikea playground :-) 

This is one of my favorites, Eadie's picture of Daddy going to work in his big building. :-)  It is one of  the first drawings she had has done where it has specific details (the building windows) Sooo cute, and of course Juan loves it :)
Eadie's picture of a rainbow with grass. :-)

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