Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cute Conversation

So I'm just in the kitchen right now making a birthday cake for a lady in the ward. Eadie is playing with playdoh at her little table, and we just shared this gorgeous conversation. I had to get it in here before I forgot:

*Captain Mac (a super hero show) just came on the T.V.*

Me: *in a teasing voiceOoh, look Eadie, it's your loooove!
Eadie: No, Captain Mac's not my love - Diego is my love!
Me: Well maybe Captain Mac can be Anabel's Love
Eadie: No, Anabel is too little to be married to her Love.
Me: Well how old to you have to be to get married?
Eadie: *thinks about it for a minute* You have to be three.
Me: Oh, so you're old enough to be married then?
Eadie: Yeah. 
Me: Who are you going to marry?
Eadie: Diego. And when I'm married I'm going to be a princess!

Cutest. Kid. Ever. Love you babe :-) 

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