Monday, June 18, 2012

Glamour Puss

Already Anabel is proving to be the 'Diva' of the family. She loves wearing jewelry and hats and having her hair done. She stands perfectly still while I put clips and hair ties in her hair (more still than even her almost five year old sister!), and most of the time she asks for them! All day every day she comes up to me carrying shirts and pants and shoes and hands them to me to put on her. This is a very normal daily image of her I just snapped:

You will notice she has, not kidding, three shirts on, one placed over the other. She is also wearing a pair of tights under those pants, and she discovered the joy of handbags just this morning and has refused to put it down all day! It keeps falling off her little arm, so it's lots of fun for me to keep having to put it back on again and again... and again... (not!)

Not only does she like to wear pretty things but she also  loves to see herself wearing them. If I put a clip in her hair we can't just leave it at that.. No no, I have to then take her into the bathroom and hold her up and show her how fabulous she looks. If I don't, she will head in there herself and yell until I come and pick her up so she can see herself!

She especially loves Sundays when she wears her pretty dresses. I now let her pick out which one she wants to wear. I hold her up in front of her wardrobe and point out each dress and ask, "...this one?", to which she says, "No..", "No..", "No..", until I will point to one and she will suddenly say, "Yes!". I'm not kidding, I can actually see her evaluating the dresses as we go along until she makes her decision. It is super cute, and I look forward to it every week. I wonder if this Diva attitude will continue as she gets older? I don't know, but I sure do love watching their little personalities shine as they grow :-) 

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