Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'School Photos'

I can't believe I have a child old enough to have 'school' photos. I was so excited leading up to it, and I was determined to make sure Tori looked absolutely perfect for her first big girl photo. I even began planning what shirt to put her in and how to do her hair a couple of days before. So about two days before the shoot I wasn't too worried about how she looked. Her kindy shirts were in the wash so we chose one of her old shirts with some paint stains on the front so she didn't ruin one of her nicer ones. We were in a rush so I pulled her hair back into a low ponytail. 

Therefore you can imagine my horror as I we walk into the class room to see every child dressed to perfection and every hair in place-- The photos were today!  "Nooo!"

The photographer was arriving in 20 minutes and I my little girl was one of the only ones there without the Kindy logo, not to mention her unruly hair and paint stains on her shirt! I felt terrible!! There wasn't time to take her home to change, so I had to think on the spot. I looked over at Eadie, who was looking particularly cute that day in her new purple shirt and flower hair clip she received for her birthday.. A plan was forming.... "Eadie, can you come here a minute?"

Within three minutes I had swapped their shirts, taken out Tori's hair, positioned the clip, and presented her to the class in an acceptable manner for class pics. Despite the fact that I was originally planning on putting her hair in two plats the way my mum did for my school photos (the only difference is that Tori loves is and I thought it was absolute "dag city"), and the fact that she was one of the only kids not wearing the school shirt despite being one of the mothers who actually DID buy the shirt, everything ran smoothly and we have two cute photos to embarrass her with one day. :-)  

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