Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Special Week

Over this past week we have had the chance to show a Canadian tourist around our beautiful state. My sister's friend Becky (Rebecca Brown) is visiting from America and she wanted to check out Brisbane after all she had heard about it. We were more than happy to have her stay with us, and the five days she spent here were a whirlwind of busy-ness and fun. After we picked her up from the airport we made our way to get Tori from school and then took the kids to the bike reserve near out house so they could ride their bikes and toy trucks. Even though we had only been there a couple of months ago it was a good reminder of the fun the kids have there and that we should stop by on the way home from the school pickup more often.

Day two we headed to the beach, specifically to see Surfers Paradise. The day was overcast and chilly and the strip was too busy to park, but we got some great shopping in at the Harbour Town outlets. (I'm still dreaming about going back and getting a pair of the most comfortable and gorgeous shoes I have ever tried on.. reduced from like $200 down to $79... I know.. I need to get back there.. :-\ ) Anyway, we were on our way to Burleigh Heads, my fave spot on the coast, when we realised the time, and - ugh, had to turn around to go and pick up Tori from school. *sigh*

Day three we went to Southbank and it was so fun to show off one of my favorite places of all time. It never ceases to surprise me how much joy I get from going there, even just to walk around and play on the toys.

Day four I just HAD to take her back down to Burleigh, but this time I let Tori take the day off school to come with us so we wouldn't have to leave early!! The day was an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT Queensland winters day, and I was so proud and happy with the display the coast put on for our tourist. The girls went crazy in the sand and Tori was actually brave enough to get soaking wet despite the fact that the water was FREEZING and only the surfers dared enter covered in their body length wet-suits!! She is such a mermaid, it never ceases to amaze me.

We ate crunchy chips and probably the most amazing fish I think I've ever tasted. We looked through op-shops, relaxed, and pushed the kids on the swing. We got some great pics of us and the kids, and I wanted to put them here to remember this great day at the beach as a celebration with new friends and for the fact that we live in such a beautiful country where everything we could ever want is right at our doorstep.

Thanks or such a great time Becky, we look forward to catching up with you again on our America/Canada trip next year!! :-)
The girls with their new friend Becky

 Tori took this great shot. Pretty good for a 5 year old, right??? :)

Bel was NOT a fan of all that sand!! Takes after her dad!!

I loved snapping pics of the girls on Becky's awesome camera. I'm totally going to get myself one for Christmas!!

SOOO funny!!!

As pretty as a postcard..

Can't believe we live 45 minutes drive from this paradise!!

Found a perfect spot in the shade to pose for pics

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