Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Girl Sleep-Overs

So Tori has now been on her first official 'sleep-over'.And what a special night it was!! Cassandra and I planned for Tori to sleep over at cousin Ivy's house and their excitement was contagious as they squealed and cheered with delight at the news. 

The night started with Tori preparing her over-night bag. She excitedly and very seriously packed it with everything she thought was necessary for a real, big girl sleepover; including the all-important dolly and bed-time story book. :-) This was followed by doing her hair for the event, which she requested was straightened with mummy's hair drier. Then, after I let her put on a little bit of my lip-gloss, we were ready to go!  

Cassandra sent me a pic before the two of them settling in for the night and I admit I felt a little melancholy as I looked at her having so much fun doing something so independent and grown up. 

While I was helping her get ready I felt the impact of what was taking place... another stage was infront of us; BFFs and giggles late into the night... It doesn't seem that long ago that I was in primary school and sleeping over at my BFF's house, and feeling pretty when I put on tinted lip-balm. Nor does it seem that long ago that I sat on the back seat next to her capsule as Juan drove us home from the hospital...

It all happens so fast. Before long she will be enveloped in the world of school and friends, and wearing tinted lip-gloss will be an every day accessory. This will be followed by alone trips to the movies, and giggling over which boy is the cutest. Soon she'll be playing spin the bottle at birthday parties, and talking for hours on the phone about everything and nothing all at the same time. Then she'll be talking for hours with one boy that will make her heart skip a beat. Then she'll be dressing up and laughing the night away as she dances with friends and slow-dances with boys. One day she might even get her heart broken when a relationship ends unexpectedly, or things don't turn out the way she was expecting. She'll laugh and cry and dance and fall, and have to make difficult, life changing decisions.. Her mind will change a trillion times about things that now seem like trivia, and she will stress about people who's names she wont actually be able to remember in the future. She will help people, and she will make mistakes. She will feel triumphant, and she she will have regrets. People in her life will come and go. But one thing will always be the same; tinted lip-gloss will always make her feel pretty. :)

Oh Cassandra, what have we started?? 

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