Saturday, July 7, 2012


I have to get this in here before I forget... 

Eadith and Tori and totally terrified of BIRDS! I kid you not! It's ridiculous, and beyond funny to just plain annoying! I'm not talking about big scary swooping long beaked ugly dangerous birds.. I mean any bird. A bird flying in the sky, a bird at the window, one sitting on the path we are walking on, a little yellow canary sitting in a bird cage, you name it. It doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing, my girls hate being  near them. I honestly, and in all sincerity do not know how this started. I think maybe one day, I don't know, maybe Tori had a bird come near her and it scared her. Maybe it jumped too close or something. Or maybe it was those birds at Southbank with the long ugly beaks that try and steal your food.. I don't know. And honestly I think Eadie has been feeding off of Tori's fear for three years to the point where she fears them almost as much as Tori. Thankfully Anabel has not caught onto it. She loves them. But it is so bad that while we were at Nanna's house Nanna put out some bird seed so the birds would come and we could watch them, and one bird came and began to eat the food. It was so exciting, but Tori was so distressed about the bird being within a 2m radius of her, she actually ran to the car and shut the door until it was time for us to go. No joke. 

So, you can imagine their horror one day when a bird FLEW into our house!! I know! Of all the animals in the world! I was in my room and the girls had just left and were walking back to the living room when I heard "Ah! Mummy! A bird! A bird!" and I rolled my eyes, thinking they were freaking out at it being at the window like they normally did. Then they said, "It's in the house!! Ahhh!" and all ran back screaming their little heads off. 

What the-?

I went down to check it out, and sure enough there was a BIRD in my house! It was sitting on my couch! I admit, I was actually terrified myself and was afraid it would go crazy and attack us or something. But I tried to keep my cool because you can imagine the girls were freaking out enough for everyone.. (!!). But with every movement I made, the bird would fly around from furniture to furniture and the girls were screaming and clutching onto my legs. I told them to go down to my room, and then I stood there alone with it. 

I decided to try and coax it out by opening up the sliding glass door all the way. But with every move towards the door it kept jumping around, so grabbed Juan's jacket and held it up in front of me in case he charged, you know, as they do :-/ Finally I opened the door the whole way and then I made my way over towards the bird. He suddenly flew up into the air and darted around for a bit, scaring my pants off to be absolutely honest, but to my relief, he flew out the door and I raced over and shut it as fast as I could! "phew!" It was one of those moments that you don't realise you were actually holding your breath until it's over and you breath out and begin kind of shaking.. Yes. It was like that. But of course, I didn't let my kids see that, and as far as they know, mummy is still super smart, totally in control, and completely fearless. :-)

Meanwhile, the experience did NOTHING to help cure my kids of their weird phobia!

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