Saturday, July 7, 2012

Funny Photos

So I snapped these pics recently and it wasn't until now that I realised how hilarious they are:
1) Anabel wearing her new and exciting 'backpack' around the house. No kidding, she wears it for hours on end, exactly like you see it here. It's actually a gift bag we received from someone and it wouldn't stay on her arm as a handbag, so she asked us to put it on her back. She will often hop on the Dora truck and drive around with it on. SOOO funny! 

2) Believe it or not this was taken a couple of days after the first pic, and again Anabel is wearing her 'backpack'! But this pics just cracks me up because not only is she literally 'butt'-naked, but she is wearing a sock on one foot, a gumboot five sizes too big on another, and has a face full of hand-foot-and mouth disease dots, which actually matches her top perfectly... But then I noticed Juan in the background - What IS he doing, you ask? He is actually using the broom to reach under the couch and drag out all of the junk that the kids kick under there! When he stood up he had a huge pile of toys and rubbish, it was shocking. LOL, so funny that we actually have a photo of him doing that. 

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