Tuesday, July 10, 2012

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ToRi!!

July 10, 2012 marked Vettoria's 5th Birthday, and what a great party it was! 

It was a little different than our usual parties where we invite lots of family and friends. This past week Anabel caught Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, a contagious rash that covers her poor little body. Except for a couple of trips in the car and quick visits to the shops, we have been housebound, and the girls haven't had contact with any other kids for a whole week (!!). Thankfully, touch wood, neither of the girls have caught it, but as long as Bel still has the spots, she is contagious, hence we had to cancel Tori's party. She was surprisingly OK with it; however she was greatly relieved when some family arrived on her doorstep with their presents. When it happened, she excitedly said, "So instead of having a party, everyone is just going to come to my house and give me presents at my door?!"  haha. It's no wonder when Alisha said she would be coming around "some time today" with a gift, every time I stand up or walk towards the door she asks, "Is Aunty Lisha here?". About every 20 minutes I hear a little *sigh* as Tori waits 'patiently' for that knock on the door.. I can't decide whether it's cute... or annoying.. :)

Anyway, despite no friends being able to come over, we still had a great time. Yesterday Los Abuelos brought Tori gifts from them and also Tia Yanci. Tia Yanci bought her a super fun magic painting kit of which is almost empty on the second day... And Los Abuelos gave her two beautiful dresses which she is just obsessed with. Apart from when she was painting, she has been wearing the two dresses non-stop. We had to draw the line and not let her sleep in it - I am not exaggerating. But they do look gorgeous, and since we had to cancel her party we decided to take her out to get another gift (we had also given her a butterfly pillow pet which she begged us for about a week ago), so we hit the shops and searched for the perfect pair of shoes to match her new dress. And we found them!

They have a Big girl heel, "just like mummys!" She is sooo super excited about them, and they simply look ADORABLE. We keep them wrapped in a special box and only wear them if we are not running around. She put them on as soon as she woke up, and, needless to say it's hours later and she is still wearing them - only now there is a band aid on the back of her left ankle.. :)

The whole day was lots of fun. Trying on dresses, buying new shoes, making cupcakes, and she even kept her eyes closed all the way home from the balloon shop until I got all of them hidden in my closet before she opened her eyes!

She and Eadie played with her new paints all afternoon, and to our delight, Daddy came home early for the party! We had Tori's favorite for dinner, mummy's speciality, Chicken Stroganof Pizza, and afterwards she hid in her bedroom while we decorated the table with her cupcakes, candles and balloons. We turned out all the lights and Eadie went and got her from the bedroom. It was so exciting to see the candles lit up in the darkness and her little face light up as well! It was lovely to celebrate the night with just our family. Very simple and very special. :-)

Before dinner Tori had said "We're playing Pass the parcel, right?" to which I didn't have the heart to say, "Actually I hadn't even given it a second thought...", but instead said, "Of course we are! It's a party isn't it?!" and - I kid you not, after racking my brain thinking what gift we could wrap, I went to the freezer and pulled out an icy pole. Juan saw what I was doing..
"Please tell me that is NOT for pass the parcel", he said.
"Juan, I can't think of anything else!" Thank goodness I married someone smarter than me, because he ingeniously responded, "How about money? Here.." and he handed me two $2 coins. Perfect! So off I went and wrapped them. Needless to say, the money was a hit, and both Tori and Eadie won. I'm sure they appreciated it a lot more than a cold melted icy pole!! :-)

Anyway, after pass the parcel we danced and spun around like crazy people to the tunes of The Wiggles, which unfortunately we couldn't click forward to the next song, so between Pass the Parcel and dancing, we heard "Get Ready to Wiggle" about 35 times in a row.... LOL. Nevertheless, it was a fun song to pop to! 

There were balloons everywhere, and smile all round. As usual, I will let the photos do the talking about what a fun night it was. I'm now even more tempted to follow Cassandra's 'party with the family' tradition more often, me thinks! But we'll see how I feel about that next year! 

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