Saturday, July 7, 2012

Once in a Lifetime..

We recently had a ward trivia night that was a lot of fun and once again reminded me that, despite living my life in denial, I am actually quite a competitive person who really does want to win. Who would have thought? (no, we didn't win..)

Another thing that I discovered was how well my hair spiked into a mow-hawk. That's right! I went as a punk rocker! Why on earth would I do this, I hear you ask? Well, all our tables had themes to create, and ours was the super exciting theme 'Britain'. I was planning on wearing a tiara and calling it a night, but when someone mentioned they saw punk rockers everywhere when they were in London, I couldn't resist letting my hair do what it does every morning after I wake up, and that is, stand it up on the top of my head! I was actually really glad I got the chance to do it, as I'm growing my hair out and wouldn't have had a chance to otherwise! Juan suggested I spray it pink, which was totally cool because it would match perfectly with the pink top I was planning to wear. I hit the streets looking for a second hand leather jacket, but to no avail, so the silver studded belt I found, thick mascara, and the leather wrist cuff I added would have to do. One thing I must say though is that considering the "we don't care 'bout nuttin'" attitude punks give off, they sure do spend a lot of time on their appearance getting their hair to stick up like that! Not a simple feat!

So anyway, my friend Megan came over and babysat the kids and Juan and I took off on our trivia night adventure, me as a punk and he as - what else? - an English soccer player! You will notice the shirt he has on is a plain white shirt that he drew a logo on to make look like the English jersey. Too bad you can't see it clearly, because it was actually a great job. But he was the first to admit that no one said anything about his costume, so he was afraid people just thought he was wearing a white shirt that he drew on to look cool or something. LOL. I'm still laughing at that thought... haha :-)

Speaking of embarrassing, before we left I actually drove through McDonalds drivethru to get us dinner and forgot I had my hair sticking up. I had to wait in the waiting section, and I was wondering why people were driving past and staring at me funny... And then I remembered when I caught my reflection in the side rear view mirror... Eek! A 31 year old sitting alone in a 'mother's car' with three child-seats in the back, sporting a mow-hawk on a Saturday night... yeah... they were staring.. *Shame!*

But there was certainly no shame as I got my tongue out and posed for some pics so I would always remember the night I wore a mow-hawk.. :-)  Yeah.. I'm cool like that..

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