Saturday, July 7, 2012

The First Splinter

Tori called me down to the backyard where she was playing in the garden and she held up her finger and said, "I've got a little brown thing stuck on my finger.. It wont come off!" Upon examination, sure enough it was her very first splinter. How exciting! 

I explained to her the process of removal, of which she was terrified, but after a lot of coaxing, a prayer to Heavenly Father asking for help with being brave, and also a promise of some chocolate, she let me tweezer my way to victory. The operation was a complete success, and I was proud not only of myself for pulling it off so quickly (no pun intended), but because she made herself braver than she thought she was. She had to put her trust in me and in Heavenly Father and in herself, and although she was crying and in pain for a short moment, she came out stronger and better for it. 

After we got it out she held it on her little finger and looked at it and then up and me and said, "I'm never playing in the garden ever again...". LOL. So cute.
 Dr. Mummy ready for business...

 The victim and the culprit..

A little worse for wear, but all better.. 

I'm proud of you sweetheart!  

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