Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Smile of a Princess

A few weeks ago we rented out the movie Ella Enchanted. It's a children's 'fairytale' about a young girl who becomes a princess or something. Anyway, it stars Anne Hathaway in her early years and the picture on the front cover looks like this: 

You can imagine how much Tori was desperate to see this movie as it had everything she loved on the front: a Princess, a unicorn, a castle, and a Prince on a white horse. So when I made the comment, "Hey, you look like Ella on this DVD cover", she just beamed.

Well I didn't think anything of it until a few days later when I was taking a photo of her doing something and she did a smile I had never seen her do before. It was then not until a few days later when I was taking more pics of her for something or other that she continued to smile the same smile. It was almost as if she didn't want to smile, and that toothy grin I knew and loved had just vanished. Here, I'll give you some examples:


I know, she's gorgeous with or without teeth... but what happened to my smiley poser girl who learned how to smile in photos by obeying the words, "Show us your teeth!!"
Where had she gone?

This was the smile I was getting for every photo until I would say the words, "OK, now how about a big one showing your teeth?" and finally I would get a grin. So one day I asked her why she wasn't grinning anymore. And you know what she said?
"Because this is how a princess smiles.." and it hit me. ELLA!
"Oh, so you're smiling like Ella does on Ella Enchanted?"
She was. "I look like her don't I mama?" she asked eagerly.
"Yes, you do", I said. And then I explained to her that even princesses have a variety of smiles they do for photos. And it has, thank heavens, since then been a little easier to coax a toothy grin out of her. I tell you, this chickie is so desperate to be a princess, whoever marries her has surely got his work cut out for him. Heaven forbid what her wedding photos will look like when she actually has on a full on princess dress!! LOL :)

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