Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Worth Every Penny

At a recent ward Relief Society activity we held an auction to bid for services to each other. For example, I offered to make a cake for someone, and they bid with points they scored as a result of doing certain things throughout the month (reading scriptures every day, going to the temple, having FHE etc). So after the auction I got together with the winner and arranged to make a birthday cake for her mum. It was fun doing something simple for someone to who it meant so much.

So from the moment I heard what was up for auction, I knew immediately that I wanted Melanie Alfred's (Cassandra's mum) service to paint a child's art canvas. Needless to say, I held on to the end and won!  So After searching the internet for paintings that the girls would love. I decided I wanted one that depicted my three girls in their childhood glory. So I send this pic to Melanie to see if she could do it:

And she could! I had some requests to change the boy to a girl with short bobbed hair like Eadie's, make the girl's hair in the middle long like Tori's, change the pig to a dog, and add another bird at the top. And Voila! She just up and painted it! I was so happy with the  result, check this out:

Isn't it perfect?! That's my girls! I can't get over it, they're immortalized in a painting! :-) And each character looks just like my little girl: 

Now I just have to find the perfect spot! Melanie, you did an amazing job, thank you so much for sharing your talents with me and my family! We will always love this painting and the memories it brings. :-) 

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