Monday, September 10, 2012

Eadie's Big Accomplishment

Every now and again I'll buy the girls scholastic workbooks to help them with their numbers, letters, problem solving, etc. Vettoria loves them so  much she would finish a whole book in a couple of hours if I let her. She is currently up to books for 6 year olds and is completing work for first graders. Doing mathematics, spelling, writing and arithmetic problems, to her are hours spent in fun.

Eadie on the other hand is not so easy to please. Actually, I take that back.. She is easy to please, just not as easy to ... keep clean...
Eadie's idea of fun is mixing water and dirt together and seeing how far it will spread on her body. Right now I am writing this as we are both sitting at the table and she is eating rice from a plate. Tori has finished her dinner already, as she just used her spoon to scoop up the food and shovel it into her mouth. But not Eadie. Eadie has spread the rice all over her plate and is using her spoon to flatten it into a big flat mass. She then scoops it up and nibbles small bits at a time from the spoon and lets the rest fall messily back onto the plate and table at which she then uses her hand to push the lost rice back onto her plate, while at the same time using her fingers to help scoop the rice back up onto the spoon to do it all over again. Everyone now and again she looks over at me and says, "Mummy look, I made my rice nice and flat! This is how you do it... with the spoon, see?" It's so cute. Well, in a "Great, I'll have to clean that later..." kind of way... Anyway, you get the point. Different personalities, different methods of fun.

So, about a year ago when I bought Eadie her first scholastic preschool workbook she wasn't too enthusiastic to get into it. Needless to say before too long it had scribbles all over it and I think we threw it out some time last year because most of the pages were ripped out of it. Nevertheless I decided to give it another shot this year, and about 4 months ago I bought her a new book. It had a collection of tasks like counting, mazes, coloring, measuring, tracing numbers, and comparing sizes, etc. To my delight, she loved it!

Unlike Tori she really wasn't interested in doing it for longer than 15 minutes, but still she loved it when we did it, and it was so awesome watching her little mind look and observe and remember and then do 'problems' all by herself! I loved discovering her different ways of learning. She's a perseverer  that's for sure. At first she didn't understand many of the tasks. Things that seemed quite self-explanatory she would just not understand. But sure enough she wouldn't let herself get down about it for too long. And after one more explanation and example, she would get it! She would be so excited and we would quickly move on to the next one. It was so different to Tori's attitude when she does her workbooks. As soon as I explained how to do something to Tori, she would naturally grasp how to do it. It's an amazing gift she has. But if she didn't get an answer right, she would be devastated. She wouldn't want to do it anymore, and only after persuasion from me and encouraging her that she will get it if she practiced and tried one more time, then would try again, get the result, and proudly move on to the next one.

Such opposites!

Anyway, we were working on Eadie's book the other day and suddenly we turned the page and we were at the end. She had finished the book! How exciting! There was a little certificate with a "You're # 1" Medal on it. I wrote her name in the space and Eadie thought it was the coolest thing in the world. We stuck it up on her door and took some photos in front of it. She was so proud, it was a great moment! She is really proving to be a hard worker and once she understands something she zooms along and loves accomplishing and learning. I am so proud of her! :-)

Well done Eadie, congratulations on such a big girl achievement! 

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