Monday, October 15, 2012

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

During Carmen's visit we took all the kids to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. When I say 'all the kids', I mean Irma's Lucia and Bella, Carmen's Elly, Noah, and Jacob, and my three, so yeah, it was pretty full on with eight kids under the age of six...

Nevertheless, it was lots of fun. :-)  And the kids got to do things they had never done before, like feeding kangaroos! It was so funny to see how each of the kids reacted to them from the moment we spotted them. Some were practically running over to them begging them to eat! Others were approaching cautiously and nervously reaching out to pat very tenderly... And then there were my kids...

First Eadie...

 She walked up quite confidently to the large animals and held out the pellets for it to eat. But instead of holding out her hand and letting the kangaroo nibble it out of her palm, she dumps it in front of the poor thing onto the floor.. The kangaroo kind of looked down at it and then back up at her, and you could just see it thinking, "I have kids coming up to me all day letting me eat out of their hands.. you don't really think I'm going to lick that off the ground, do you?" Well, apparently she did, because no explaining how the system worked would convince her to hold out her hand. But she loved patting and touching them, so I know she was excited about the experience anyway.

Oh yeah, and she found a really cool feather.... She just HAD to put it in her Dora Bag, which she carries with her EVERYWHERE. Do not get me started about Eadie and her Dora Bag.....

Next, Vettoria:

Tori, as usual was quite hesitant to approach the kangaroo, which was to be expected. It took a fair bit of coaxing to take the nervous little photo above. But, in usual Tori style after assessing the situation and not wanting to be the only one who didn't give it a try, she nervously held out her hand and let the kangaroo nibble the pellets. And then she loved it! She couldn't get enough. By the end of the feeding time, she was walking around the field picking up dropped bits of food (probably dropped by Eadie ;) to collect and feed to the kangaroos.

Then there was Bel:

Oh. My. Goodness.

This chick is fearless! Like, she literally ran up to the kangaroos and practically threw herself on them. She just thrust out her hand and rubbed their fur as if it was a family-owned cat. There was no stopping her! I had to pull her little hand away again and again for fear she would poke the poor animal in the eye or pull its ear too hard! It was quite the spectacle. But very Bel. :-)

The rest of the day was filled with "oohing" and "aahing" at all sorts of animals; crocodiles, emus, koalas, platypuses (which was actually the thing they wanted to see the most... go figure?), kookaburras, dingoes, and pretty much every other Australian animal you can think of. But the best part was watching the kids play together. Just watching Tori and Elly walk next to each other reading their maps was precious:

Here are some more pics of our adorable little cousins. 

We miss you guys!! xx


  1. Rani, if you head up to DH forest for an early picnic breakfast you will find yourself sometimes surrounded by wallabies all looking for a handout. They are very tame and come right up to be fed :)

  2. Hi Sandy, you mean you can feed them? We see them up there all the time but they seem a little skittish. We will have to take come food and give it a go next time! We're always telling the kids to "get back" and get to close to them. Not anymore! Thank you :-)