Friday, December 7, 2012

Eadie's Big Day

At the moment while we are busy preparing Tori for her entrance into Big Girl School (Prep) next year, we are also preparing to send Eadie to Big Girl School for Littler Girls, AKA: Kindy. :-)

She is soooo excited! Kindy is right up her ally; five days a fortnight where she will get to play with mud and paint and dig and draw and run and swing to her little wild child heart's content. She has watched every time we drop Tori off, and she has followed me out the door when I say to her and Anabel, "Come on girls, time to go now" and we leave behind the wonderland of toys and crafts and outdoor fun...

So you can imagine her joy when her 'play day' at kindy finally arrived! The day she got to go and be a real kindy girl and carry a bag and a lunch box, put her bag into a real locker just like the other kids, and not have to say goodbye to Tori - but actually get to play with all the awesome toys! It was a dream come true!! 

As she ran up the path with her bag on her back, she had a huge smile on her face. The first group of kindy kids she saw, she excitedly walked up to them and exclaimed, "Guess what?! It's my day to come to kindy today!"
Then after the doors opened, she rushed inside and saw one of the teachers and ran up and said, "Hey! I'm going to stay here at kindy today!" I giggled to myself as I watched her swagger from place to place with a huge smile on her face. As she walked passed my friend Megan, she shouts, "Hi Megan!" and gave a big wave (something she would not normally do). Megan was a little taken aback by her sudden desire to say hello, it was hilarious.

Even though it was only from 8.30-11.30am, she used up every moment doing all the things she has always wanted to do. At first she ran up to the top level playground and played in the sand. She then discovered the mud patch which you can imagine, she just loved. But then she saw the paints. Nine cups filled with colorful paint, each with their own large brush, her own plastic smock, and a giant endless supply of large paper right there for her to use... She had reached heaven. 

Tori showed her around the classroom and the backyard, helped her put away her things and told her where to sit on the carpeted area. She sat next to her at lunch, and did paintings with her. Eadie just loved having her as her guide.

It was a really great day.

Thanks to Cassandra for watching Anabel for me so I could enjoy every moment watching Eadie
soar on her big adventure.

I now don't worry about how she will go next year. She is totally ready for this next stage, the big step into independence and growing older. She showed me that she is not only excited and capable, but that she is fearless and confident, and I know that she will have a wonderful experience next year.  :-)

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