Friday, December 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

Even though it took place around 6 weeks ago, I figure it's better late than never :)

Halloween was super fun this year!

I had been looking forward to it for months, for a number of reasons. First, because Eadie said when she got her hair cut short that she wanted to dress up at Dora the Explorer at Halloween, so I'd been looking forward to it all year. Second, I ordered online a 'Boots' monkey costume for Bel, which I was just itching to get on her and see her and Eadith all dressed up together! And third, because my friend Kara gave me back a dress I bought when I was around 18 years old (maybe even 17?) that had been sitting in her closet and had not seen the light of day in almost 12 years. I actually hadn't given it a second thought for over a decade, until one day Kara says, "By the way, I found this the other day", and handed me this ball gown I bought from Sydney, which I honestly don't even remember actually wearing to a ball. But, as destiny would have it, as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I would do with it.. It would become a Rapunzel costume and I would wear it at Halloween! How exciting! (What was even more exciting was the fact that I could still fit it after all these years! LOL :)

So after finding the perfect Dora clothes for Eadie (harder than you think to find a true orange pair of shorts by the way..), then receiving the adorable toddler Boots costume in the mail (and it fit perfectly!), then sewing and attaching extra frills and colors to my mauve princess ball dress to make it just like Rapunzel's in the movie Tangled, as well as borrowing an absolutely perfect Belle costume (from Beauty and the Beast) for Tori to wear, thanks to my friend Sandy Munro (, we were all dressed up and ready to go to the ward Trunk-or-Treat night up at the chapel. (I say we, as Juan said he was going as "the guy too cool to dress up", AKA: he went as himself *insert rolling eyes here*.

Nevertheless, the kids had a lovely time going from car to car shouting "trick or treat!", and our little buckets were filled with lollies just in time to skiddaddle before the rain hit.

A couple of days later some mothers got together at the park and had a play-date where all the kids dressed up for another Halloween party which was also lots of fun. Eadie had been wearing her Dora costume all day and night (yes, also to bed) since the Trunk-or-Treat night, so it was too dirty to wear to another event, and there was no way I was letting Tori wear her beautiful Belle costume to a park, so I looked through the ol' Halloween bag and pulled out a couple of favorite costumes from the past. After making some adjustments for Anabel to also be a part of the fun, the three little kittens went to the party at the park and had a great time :-)

Phew! I'm worn out thinking of all the effort we went to for this year's Halloween.... and also excited thinking of what we can do for next year's costumes..!!! ;-) Meanwhile here are some pics for 2012:

 The perfect princess Belle!

 How cute is BOOTS?!

 Super Hamo!! :-)

 Two Rapunzels: Ivy as a young girl, Me after she was older and cut her hair off and it went brown ;)

 Yes, Kenzie wanted to go as Batman (to all of our amusement! :-)

 Olivia as Bindi Irwin :-) 

 No child could get closer to the real Dora than our little Eadie!

 Audrey, Bryson, Eadie and William :-)

 Juan, just loving his awesome job of handing out lollies to all the kiddies :-)

Me with my girls... x

 Three little kittens..

 Or maybe three little ally-cats?? ;-) "Meow!"

What ever they are, they're sooo cute!! x


  1. Lol I love the photos Rani! You are right about Eadie - you could practically hire her out as a Dora look-a-like! I love the 3 kitten's pictures! All three girls make perfect little models! All the costumes, including yours, look great :)