Monday, December 31, 2012

Princess Profile

Name: Anabel Joy Montes
Nick-name: Bel (although Daddy tries to call her Ana, but even he forgets to call her by that!)
Age: Almost 22 months old  
Height: 82cm
Who's Girl?: Mummy's Girl
Best Friend: Eadith when she wants to have fun, and Vettoria when she needs help with something :-)
Favorite drink: Water. Anabel drinks around 6 litres of water a day (not including nights). No exaggeration. She sculls about 250mls every 40-60 minutes and demands a refill at every opportunity. There have been times when she has had two bottles rotating at once! Don't get me started on the nappies!! Keeping this girl DRY is a full time job! We have to change her clothes at LEAST twice a day. It's ridiculous. You'd think I'd be a pro at keeping a baby dry after 5 years, but an umbrella couldn't keep this girl dry, I swear to you, it is impossible. We have to change her nappy while she is asleep before we go to bed. If we're lucky the bed wont be soaked through by 10pm. But if we miss it, a change of clothes and new sheets becomes a normal part of our night.
Favorite food: French fries. Heaven help us, she would eat McDonald's fries all day if she had the chance. She also loves candy, don't get me started...
Favorite T.V. Show: Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo. She has just discovered it this past fortnight, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she watches it every day. She just loves it. I think Nemo will have a part to play in her up coming 2nd birthday party... I see an orange and blue theme happening...  
Favorite Toy: Bel loves taking things out and then putting them back in. Whether it's blocks, beans, pencils... out and in, out and in, out and back in again. She also loves her sketch-a-pad and, of course, BUBBLES!
Favorite things to do: Swing on swings. Make people laugh. Dance to all types of music.
Something she is good at: Going to bed on time at 7pm (or sometimes earlier) every night and going straight to sleep. 
Something she struggles with: Nursery. Ever week at church we STRUGGLE with getting Bel to stay in nursery by herself. Almost five months of nursery every week and Juan and I still have to sit with her through the class, otherwise she screams the place down. A couple of weeks ago we seemed to have a pretty good setup where Daddy would sneak out while she was eating her lunch.. We were progressing finally, only to have it revert back after a few weeks when we went to a different ward one Sunday... *sigh*....
She loves: when daddy suddenly scares her! She jumps a foot in the sky and then breaks down laughing and asks for more (the total opposite of mummy!)  Daddy loves it! She also loves saying "Weeee!!!" as she goes up and down hills in the car. It makes the other two also do it, and it becomes a funny game as we drive :-) 
She hates: Eating vegetables!! For the life of me I cannot get this girl to eat a vegie!! I guess it's a good thing she drinks so much water, and also, she does love fruit like bananas, grapes, and watermelon. But sheesh, a carrot every once in a while wouldn't go astray, seriously?!

Where do I start? No child on this earth is loved more than she. We all just adore her. Anabel is so much fun! I've said it from the beginning, but seriously she just gets funner and funner. Don't get me wrong, when she wants to chuck a wobbly, she will. When she gets in trouble, she just breaks down there and then. She does not like being told she has done something wrong. This look of complete and utter sadness will come over her chubby little face, and tears will stream down her cheeks as if the world was coming to an end. And she will stay like that until someone consoles her or distracts her. 

But when she is happy, she is the happiest little girl in the world. She loves to play and romp. By 'romp' I mean, throw herself around on top of people and tickle and be tickled. She opens her mouth and smears kisses on you she she lets you toss her to and fro across the bed or the floor or the couch. She loves to be held and hugged and snuggled and thrown about. Ugh, don't get me started on her being thrown about! If you make the mistake of tossing her into the air or swinging her in your arms or between your legs, you're in trouble! Her favorite word is probably, "More", which she says over and over again until you have to disappoint her by saying "No more, mummy's arms are sore", or "No more bubby, daddy has to go to work". 

Bel loves to dance. To all types of music. Whether it's the Wiggles or Playschool, mummy's country songs or daddy's R&B, she pokes her bum out, shakes her head back and forth, and bounces her legs go up and down as she bops along. It's hilarious! It never ceases to make us all laugh. 

All day every day we laugh with her/at her, and she is just a light that brightens my day. My mum used to say something to me that I always loved hearing. She used to say, "Since you were a little girl you have always made us laugh. If all of my kids were gone away, I would miss you making me laugh the most". And I now know exactly what she means. Because that is the way I feel about my Anabel. Each child offers something individual that I would miss the most. I would miss Tori's way of making me feel like the most important person in the entire world the most; I would miss Eadie's spontaneity and gung-ho attitude towards life the most; and Bel, I would miss the way she makes me smile and laugh out loud, day after day, after day. 

We love you baby Bel!

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  1. What a lovely post to read Rani! :) This is such great history to have for the coming years. So great that you have written it down. Especially love the last photo too :)