Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks to Santa!

Yay for scooters!! :-D  

Despite the fact that only Tori asked for a scooter, Santa thought it in the best interest of everyone that Eadie also receive her own scooter to play with as well. Thank you Santa! 

Little did he know that she would take to it like a duck to water, and every single day the two of them ride up and down, up and down the hallway, into the lounge and back to the front door again. It's so much fun, and Juan and I love having a ride as well! What did we do without them? How boring it is to walk now! :-P

 It was actually funny to see how both girls reacted to their new toys. Vettoria rode straight and steady, making her way from one end of the house to the other. Eadie however, as suspected, zoomed from place to place, pushing herself as fast as she could, turning left and right, both feet on the plate, zipping around like a pro. Of course, she also fell off more times than we could count, but to see her take to something so quickly and love it so much was a real treat for us. (Especially since all she asked for Christmas was a skipping rope!) She had proved to be quite expert already on Tori's bike when I took her to the bike park one day. I was shocked to see her riding around like she had been doing it for years! Their two opposite personalities never since to amaze me. It took hours of running next to Tori holding the back of the bike as she cried "Don't let go mum!" as we rode (I ran) up and down the driveway again and again. Eadie? No way. "Let go mum, I got it!" were the words she yelled. It was like she was 10 months old, shouting "I do it! I do it!" as I tried to buckle her seat belt in the car, all over again.

But watching Eadie has actually sky rocketed Tori's confidence to go-go-go, and now she's zooming around with her! She does new 'tricks' on the driveway, going down hills and weaving around toys and chairs. I have to stop myself from saying "Careful girls!" every 10 minutes throughout the day. But one thing I am confident of, is that they are both better at staying on than I am, and a lot more fearless! :)

Looks like we have a new favorite family activity! 

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