Monday, December 31, 2012

Through their eyes...

Every now and again I'll let the kids run wild with the camera, and the results always make me laugh :-)
There's chocolate smeared on faces, funny dance poses, cutest smiles ever, and lots of tongue poking!

These latest pics, taken a couple of weeks ago are my faves so far and I just had to put them in here. It's so cute to see what the girls do when they want to 'show off ' and act like 'grown ups'. They are such posers, it always makes me laugh. And at the same time I see these pics and I can't believe how fast they are growing, nor how old they look as they smile and laugh with each other! It blows me away.

(Meanwhile, something I hope does not blow you away is my completely make-up-less face and feral hair!.... Eeek!!! :-/ These pics were not planned  ...Please don't judge!!)




See what I mean? Haha, love it! :-) 

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