Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Still laughing... and a little embarrassed...

I just had this conversation while vacuuming my bedroom floor.

Eadie: Mum, what are you doing?
Me: *sarcasm* I'm shopping, Eadie. 
Eadie: Shopping?
Me: *pause* .. yes. Shopping
Eadie: You're shopping?
Me: *now secretly rolling my eyes* No Eadie, I'm vacuuming.
Eadie: Your shopping and vacuuming?
Me: No, just vacuuming.
Eadie: *still confused* You mean vacuum shopping?
Me: *trying not to LOL* No, I'm just vacuuming, not shopping.
Eadie: Then why did you say you were shopping?
Me: I was... I.. ugh. Never mind babe. I was just being silly.
Eadie: *shakes her head as she walks out of the room*

*Note to self: Sarcasm to a three year old only results in you feeling like the idiot :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"All Aboard!"

Juan bought a hat yesterday. A large, wide-brimmed cane hat with a rope-like drawstring through the middle of it. He brought it into the house and said "Found one!" and put it on his head. I said "Great! It's just what you wanted!" and then added, "My dad has one just like that..." to which he replied, "I know... It's pretty 'dad-like' but I don't care anymore. I just want something big enough to cover everything". And then, later that day he added, "I love these drawstrings!" and he safely secured it under his chin as he walked along carrying the fold-able chairs and dragging the esky behind him.

Oh my goodness.

We are our parents!
When did this happen?!

We are transitioning... and we can see it... in so many ways! I still feel I have the light-hearted fun personalty I had when I was single and 24, but I am catching myself doing things that are very un-24 year old like.
I remember when Tori was around 3 years old and we were swimming in a pool. She was off paddling around and I was in the deeper end. "Hey mum! Look what I can do!" she cried as she stuck her head under the water and came up laughing. "Well done, great job!" I'd say. "You do it! You do it!" she said, to which I remember thinking, "Ugh, the last thing I want to do is to wet my hair right now..." so instead I just continued swimming around doing breaststroke with my head safely and dryly held above the waters surface...
Just like...
                     my mum...
                                        used to do!!!

Argh! I remember looking at her as she swam along with her head held above the water and I would look at her and think "Seriously? You can't just put your head under a relax?" I actually remember having those thoughts. I maybe even thought to myself, "When I'm a mum, I'm still going to put my head under and jump all over the place..." And I do. Sometimes.. But sometimes you just want to have dry hair... you don't want to go through the fuss of drying it and... and... ugh! D-:

I don't know whether it's something to embrace and just let it overcome you, or whether to fight it off for as long as you can! I mean, it's not that being my parents is a bad thing, don't get me wrong. But they are my parents. They are OLDER than us, and they are not as COOL as us, and they don't have as much FUN as us.

Right? Right?! 

Wait a minute... maybe we were wrong.. Is it possible that the parents are the COOL ones? That they know how to have more fun than the younger generation perhaps? That when we buy our large hats or choose to spend vouchers on pajamas rather than lingerie, or when we get excited about a new apron or shelf display, or go to the temple as a date night... maybe it's because we are just getting more awesome as we go along..?

Or maybe it's just because we know the difference now; larger hats will help prevent skin cancer (or even just a burnt nose), a pair of cute new pajamas actually makes you feel sexier than ugly old pajamas so it's like killing two birds with one stone (or voucher in this case), aprons are highly under-rated and I would totally encourage their use as mothers while working in the home, otherwise you have not only baby spit and finger print stains on all your clothes, but also dish soap suds and oil splats from cooking and cleaning (!!). As well as that, my new shelf really does look rather awesome, and as for going to the temple on some date nights, well, when else are we going to do it? Day-time babysitters aren't that easy to come by!

See, we're transitioning, but still cool.. Right? 

Ugh, who am I kidding? I already wear reading glasses, and get afternoon headaches if I've eaten too much sugar. Juan complains about aches and pains in his back the same way both our dads did, and I'm even getting excited about how 'poofy' a new hair product makes my short.. bobbed... hair. 

Heaven help us, it's an epidemic we can't stop! We're on the train and it's not stopping. Next stop... Mature Age Citizenville. Population: All those people we roll our eyes at when we're young and childless. Carry-on Luggage: Reading glasses, Muscle-Ease cream, and a jacket. You know, incase the weather turns chilly. :-/