Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Kid Kindy!

Eadie now attends Kindy! At long last!! She just loves it. Five days a fortnight she enters those magical doors and all her 'cares' and 'boredom' disappears as she is presented with countless, endless wonderful and awesome things to do and play and touch and squish and mix and glue and swing and jump on. It's Eadith Heaven!

So far Eadie's Kindy experience has been joyful and exciting. When I ask her what she did that day, the answers are always the same: "I played in the sandpit, and I did paintings and I read books and I played with my friends (of which she can never remember their names I might add, but the teachers assure me that yes, she does have them!), and I sung songs and I had a nap, and I ate lunch, and I... " the list goes on. By the time we leave kindy and have arrived at Tori's school parking lot which is about a four minute drive away, I kid you not, she is STILL sitting there telling me 'all the things she did' that day. It always makes me smile.

I was fortunate enough to watch her as she held up a photo of our family and spoke to the class about each one of us. I stood there paralyzed with fear about what she would say... You never know with Eadie; she could just as easily say the words, "Mummy gets mad when I spill my cereal, and daddy sits on the toilet for a long time", or something equally horrendous. LUCKILY, she opted to go the other way this particular day! And as she was asked to point out what we did as a family, I listened eagerly for her response. She said, "Um...." and after some thought, she added, "Me and my sister Tori play games together, and mummy..... Mummy makes things, and daddy, he likes to play soccer... and Anabel... Well, Anabel likes to watch T.V." I laughed. That's us, basically! LOL. I was thinking to myself, 'Hmm, what would I say about each of us?" And as I listened to her confident response, I thought "yep, that's pretty much it actually!" and it made me laugh. :-)

Eadie never ceases to amaze me. She is so confident and sure of herself. She is darn stubborn, but I feel that in the future this will prove a strength rather than a weakness (which is is at this age), as she wont let people push her around. She doesn't care what other people think, and she says it the way it is. My only prayer is that she uses these strengths for good and not for bad!!!

Eadie is just loving Kindy. I wondered how she would handle it but, as she proved to me in her orientation day, she gets through every day with flying colors. Her teachers love her and she is happy and confident when she speaks and polite and obedient when she has to be. Despite the fact that she cannot remember her kindy arrival morning 'routine' of what goes where and what to do before she goes out and plays, she always accomplishes it with my help, and with a huge smile on her face. And that, combined with her adorable choice
of clothes which usually consists of odd-matching socks
which go not-so-well with her sparkly patterned sneakers and mismatched colored clothes, she puts a smile on everyone's face she walks past. And did I mention she has to pick up every feather she sees along the path to the kindy? yep. That's just her. My special Kindy girl!!

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