Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

This year Juan and I celebrated our SEVENTH anniversary... wow!! So much has happened during this  time... What a wonderful thing is marriage. I for one am totally grateful for it. I acknowledge how blessed and happy I am And I owe it all to my wonderful husband. He is everything I ever dreamed in a man, a husband, and a father.

When I was about 24 years old and single, all of my closest friends were married, and had been for at least 3 years each. I would watch them and listen to them talk with each other and the way they acted around each other. I wanted it. I wanted someone to laugh with, someone to hold, someone to love me as much as I loved them. I had read about it, seen it, watched it, and I knew exactly what it would feel like when I met The One. 

I remember one day I was chatting with my friends Kara and Eli, and they were telling me how on their three year anniversary they loved each other more than when they were first married. 
I didn't really get it...  I remember thinking, "Maybe some loves take time to grow stronger over time?" 
Well, now I get it. I completely understand what they were saying. Because Juan and I feel the same about each other. It's not that your love gets 'stronger' as such, but rather it's like you love them so much more because you know them so much more. The experiences you have with each other really do strengthen the relationship and as you learn more about each other and adjust your temperaments, attitudes, and opinions towards becoming more unified with the other, the love naturally increases. It's so great! 

This year Juan took me to my 'dream' restaurant, Aria, owned by Matt Moran, a celebrity chef who I had seen on TV about five years ago and had wanted to go to his restaurant all these years... It was worth every.single.penny (many, many pennies...). Between the randomly unexpected valet parking, the manager who introduced himself in Spanish because he saw our surname on the guest list, the most amazing service I have ever experienced in my entire life, and not to mentioned THE most delicious entree EVER where I ate Quail for the first time just like they make on all those cooking shows (!!!), plus all the delicious little things we were given all night as we sat there feeling like rockstars, it was a beautiful, perfect night. We walked along the river holding hands and had an awesome time just the two of us.

Seven years and more in love with my husband than our first year... Can't wait to feel what the eighth year is like!! :-)

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